June 2, 2013

Ten Years.

Thank you to my friend JK (of Trixie and Tess) for pointing out that TODAY marks ten years since Stephenie Meyer's dream of Edward and Bella in the meadow.

Ten years since she woke up, couldn't stop thinking about the dream, and took her kids to swim lessons and went about her day, all while thinking about the plot.  Three months later, Twilight was finished.  And now here we all are, in various stages of post-Twilight-sadness-symdrome (PTSS), tucking away our mini-Edwards and mourning Robsten once again. 

I'd love to hear from each of you how that day ten years ago would eventually change your life.  When did you first enter the Twilight world?  What crazy things has it led you to do?

Me, I read it in November of 2008.  And, I have been to Forks (3x!), to Baton Rouge to set-stalk Breaking Dawn (unsuccessfully, but it was exhilarating!), and to LA for the BD2 premiere.  It got me started reading again.  It makes me want to write and publish my own stories.  But more than any of these, I have made some of the deepest and most wonderful friendships of my life.  It sounds cheesy to say, but that doesn't change the fact that it's true: Twilight changed my life. 

What about you?



  1. MAC! I lite up like a Christmas tree when I saw a new post
    :) Miss y'all!
    Wow ten years! Twilight is still in my heart. I've recently started reading it again. Something must have told me the ten year birthday was close, lol. I don't really have any exciting stories, just that I found Twilight in 2008 and loved it ever since. I did kinda have a Twilight wedding in March 2012 ;) I too, have made some awesome friends through it. I will forever keep this series in my heart.

  2. Hi, I came very late to the Twilight madness. We spent ten years rebuilding our house after a bushfire, and I have to admit the Twilight hype completely passed me by. Until June last year when I read Fifty Shades, and was captivated by the story behind all the sex, then I read all the Twilight books, then watched the movies, then wanting so much more, I found fanfic. And now I am totally addicted to all things Twilight, and sigh, Robert. I have found so many good stories to read, and made wonderful friends too. I am sure Twilight will live forever.It has given me a new appreciation of silver Volvo C30's!
    Thank you for the memories

  3. Wow! 10 years. Unbelievable.
    "Twilight" definitely changed my life in that it got me reading again. I went for years without picking up a book and after I saw the movie "Twilight" in March 2009 on DVD; I was HOOKED. I read Twilight and New Moon back to back within days. I had lost my job a few months prior and was deeply depressed and when I discovered Twilight, it helped me get through a really difficult time. Once I realized there were MORE books in the series, I swallowed them down within days as well; sometimes just reading for 10 hours straight! I read the series back to back 8 TIMES IN A ROW because I never wanted to leave Forks! I thought I'd go insane! Thankfully, I discovered fanfiction and my life completely opened up even wider to new friends, blogs, authors, etc. So yes, my life is so much more fulfilling since Twilight (and Edward and Rob) entered the picture.:) I don't know what it would be like if Stephenie never had that dream, but I DO know I never want to find out!!!


    1. I feel the same way ^.^ I never really read until Twilight came around. I also was having a rough spot in my personal life/health :( Twilight was there to make me feel better. Then Fanfics entered, lol. Stephenie really did do an amazing thing :)

  4. I watched the movie in December 2008. My dad was in recovery at the time from triple bypass surgery, and I went one Sunday morning with some friends because I needed to get out of the house. I have always loved the vampire genre but did not know about the Twilight novels. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the movie and as a birthday gift that year, my dad gave me a nice sum of money. With it, I purchased my laptop and the Twilight series.
    I have been in love with their world ever since I read Twilight for the first time. Through this series, I met my best friend. She, in turn, introduced me to fan fiction, which led me to start writing. I have just completed a Journalism course.
    So, Twilight has brought many changes in my life too.
    And, taking my cue from Stephenie, I have started writing down my dreams too...

  5. Wow! It TOTALLY changed the course of your life. That's great! Imagine if Stephenie knew the full impact she's had on thousands of people?:) Good for you.

  6. My daughters kept telling me to I would love the story and I just laughed. Then we went to Portland on vacation and made a side trip to St. Helens. They were filming the first movie, my daughter met Kristen and Rob. She actully told Rob she thought he was a good choice to play Edward. At that time it was a controversial choice. Now look at all that has happened since then. The books were compelling, I have read them many times. It was so exciting to look forward to the movies coming out. I think the whole saga, brought many people happily together. Yes, my daughters thought I had a crush on Rob, but really, I just loved that Kristen and Rob transended their characters and seemed so suited for each other. My fantesy, maybe? But they really seemed to break the typical mold in Hollywood and would live together happily. So yes I feel very sad to see the end of all things Twilight and my little fantesy of "Happily ever after."

  7. ten years seems unbelievable! I discovered Twilight in 2007. I saw the cover to "New Moon" and was intrigued. I bought the book and then discovered there were more books, so I got them as well. I'm pretty sure I read the series back to back 8 or 9 times before I came up for air!! I was going through a very rough patch in my marriage and Forks was my escape! these books saved me and gave me shelter through the storm. I'm happy to say my marriage lives on, as does my love for all things Twilight. Thank God fan fiction exists!! I guess I'm still obsessed after all these years. and that's okay by me.

  8. I cant believe its 10 years. I read Twilight in sept of 08 while we were on vacation. I had NM with me and read it too, as soon as we were home we went to Sams club on the way home and I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Then I found out they were making it into a movie, I think I read the books 8 times that first year hahaha. I read on a blog somewhere where people were asking what they were reading since the books were finished and some recommended Wide Awake, the fanfic. Then I was obsessed with it too. I have met so many great friends through Twilight, finally made it to a convention in Nov. What a great group of fans, fun, friendly, and just as in love with Twilight as me. I miss your blog, I used to visit it everyday. It was so fun and entertaining. Thanks for this bit of info, I had no idea it had been that long

  9. I can't believe how much Twilight changed my life. I ended up reading the book after I bought it for my daugher but snagged it for something to read on a business trip. I was hooked. SM's words had me remembering what it was like to fall in love. It was like chocolate in word form! I had found myself in a midlife crisis, but Twilight changed that. I wrote the fade to black honeymoon scene as I imagined it and when I searched online for somewhere to share it, I found fanfiction! I poured all my emotions out in words with B&E and C&E as my vehicles. And as a result I made friends. Real friends. I too took a trip to Forks with these wonderful friends. I am mourning the ending of the saga and the cooling of the fandom. But my life changes are everlasting!

  10. Twilight changed our personal worlds for what we will be forever thankful. it doesn't go anywhere as well as Harry Potter doesn't go. it's always there:)

    just me


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