February 5, 2013

In other news - is anyone else being totally pwned by Beautiful Creatures right now?

So of course I've read other YA series like The Hunger Games, Hush Hush - although I got bored with Fallen and totally stopped - but a friend of mine recommended Beautiful Creatures a few months ago...

I watched the trailer for the movie, which ticked a lot of my interests' boxes:

Boy meets girl he can't have - check
Magical mystery - check
Historical flash backs - check
Set in the deep South - yes ma'am

So I ordered the book.

It then sat on my "to read pile" for the following few months.

I was finally able to read it over Christmas and I. Am. Hooked.  I can't help myself Pinteresting (that's a verb, right?) behind-the-scenes clips, costume inspirations and music links - Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" is on repeat) - I even bought the Illustrated Movie Guide!

I'm kind of loving being a little but pwned by something again :) but the BC fandom seems a little quiet... is anybody else out there?

- Lorabell

P.s. Not only is this film's Production Design by Richard Sherman *cough* from Breaking Dawn gorgeousness *ahem* but it stars Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis and Alden Ehrenreich who was "discovered" by Steven Spielberg himself *DING* sign me up!


  1. I love Beautiful Creatures. I picked up the first book at the library a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love. Then, I was super excited when I heard they were turning it into a movie. The fanbase is pretty quiet; there is a following out there, I'm sure. It would be nice to hear from some fellow fans. Looking foward to the movie! :)

  2. I've been wanting to check it out forever but haven't had the chance. Sounds great, I will have to add it to my list for sure :) I've recently started watching Vampire Diaries. I know I'm late to that party lol. I'm trying to get caught up, it's sooo good. I might check out the books next ;) For anyone who hasn't seen this show yet, it's good.

    P.S. We miss you Lorabell and having somewhere to meet lol. We need like a "book, fangirl, obsession blog" lol.

  3. @Jade514 Aw, thanks hun :) I've not been able to watch any of the Vampire Diaries but am super curious about whether Supernatural is any good - I gotta get on that!

  4. Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite tv shows. It combines Twilight with Beautiful Creatures. Absolutely love it.

  5. I have been a fan of BC for several years now. The books are excellent. My hubby took me to see the movie for valentine's day and I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. I know everything can't be included in a movie, but this changed and left out what I consider key plot points. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?

  6. ilove the beautiful creatures series ive read all of them and own all of them exept beautiful redemtion

  7. Fallen is a bit slow in the beginning, but it picks up a lot in the second book. It's cool man, well worth trudging through the first book :))


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