September 17, 2012

New five-movie poster (I want!)

Opened my email to this amazingness this morning...


How big do you think they make this baby?  Can I wallpaper my bedroom with it?  (Hubs would be thrilled, of course.) 

I will definitely be doing the all-day Twilight marathon at the movie theater.  Anyone else? 

-- MyAfterCar

September 4, 2012

Twilight Bad Lip-Reading video of the day... yup, that's what I said!

I'm not entirely sure what that was, but I know it made me snortle :)

Aw, I miss the good old days... *tear*

- Lorabell

September 3, 2012

Entertainment Weekly's Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cover

Those are three pretty, pretty people.  Sadly, I think this was probably shot in happier times. I'll be buying a copy to hang onto in case Robsten never reunites (but I'm still holding out hope - just me?). 


September 1, 2012

So I went to see Cosmopolis... was just plain weird.  The poster should have looked like this:

My observations:

- Rob was intense, but I thought he kind of fell flat.  There were moments where he shined but the rest of the time he looked overly botoxed and expressionless.  That's probably in part due to the directing, but I thought he could have done "intense but withheld" better. 

- The dialogue was just plain ridiculous.  I consider myself a rather smart, educated girl, and I had a headache after five minutes.  This wasn't a movie, it was performance art, the kind that is not meant to be understood after one viewing. 

- The green screening outside the limo windows as it moved in the beginning of the movie was really bad.  I think after that they switched to live action outside the limo, but it was really, 90s-movie bad. 

- Wardrobe in general was lackluster.  This might have been intentional, to point attention to the dialogue, but I like fashion and would have preferred a little more oomph.

- Overall, I'd give it two out of five stars.  And those two are for a) Rob, b) in a suit. 

What did you think, ladies? 


A little of this, a little of that

Heard recently:

- Kellen Lutz didn't like the script for the original Twilight movie!  “I didn’t like the script.  How scary would a glimmering vampire really be? It just doesn’t make sense."

- Kristen Stewart's mother, Jules, has filed for divorce from her father, John, after 27 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.  What a sad summer for the Stewart family. 

Does anyone else look at this and think, "KStew in 30 years?"
- Robert Pattinson reportedly went on a date with Katy Perry.  Talk about going in a different direction.  Just me, though, or are there some similarities with their coloring and facial structure?  Maybe that's his type? 

- Bill Condon gave an update on Breaking Dawn: Part 2 post production: "We're at the stage of mixing and doing color timing and adding that last big bunch of visual effects shots, and that's where it gets complicated because the [most challenging] ones always come in last, so it's just making sure that they look as good as they can, that's the big thing right now."