May 31, 2012

Hello TwiCrackers!

Hey yall! MyAfterCar here. I'm thrilled to be on board at TCA!

I read Twilight in November of 2008, and shortly thereafter I had read all four (and a half) books and was googling all things Twi like a madwoman, needing MORE. I stumbled upon this blog in March of 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Three years later, I've logged about a gazillion hours on Twilight blogs, am single-handedly responsible for probably half of TCA's hits (yes, there were days when I hit refresh at least ten - okay, twenty - times), have made the trek to Forks (twice!), own a full-sized cardboard cutout AND a miniature action figure of a fictional vampire... the list goes on and on. I have a VERY tolerant husband. I even got my Mom hooked (hey Mom!).

Anyway, I'm a huge fan and I'm ecstatic to be here!

Now, back to the importent stuff: Rob, Kristen, SWATH, and the countdown to BD2!


May 30, 2012

Welcome new TwiCracker @MyAfterCar

Friends, Robstens, Twicrackers,

You may have seen my want ad (aka "cry for help") a couple of weeks ago, looking for a new addition to our bloggy team.

Thank you so much to all who emailed, I'm really touched that you'd want to be a part of TCA *sniffle* it was a tricky choice but...

Welcome to @MyAfterCar!

Although we've never actually met (like so many of us out there) we've crossed paths more than once as, like me, MAC is second Twi-gen and totally cracker addicted ;)

I hope you'll make her as welcome as you did me back in the day.

- Lorabell xxx

Off topic, what are these sassy My Little Ponies I keep seeing everywhere and how do I find more of them?

Kristen smokes the camera in new Interview Magazine shoot

Interview Magazine spoke with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron about Snow White and the Huntsman - check out the pictures and interview below - yowza!

Anyone else totally have the "Addicted to Love" video playing in their head right now?

I'm not 100% on the earrings but am all for Kristen trying to quit smoking!
Anastasia Steele, anyone?

ELVIS MITCHELL: In looking at the films you've done, one thing that strikes me is that you've worked with a lot of women—and a lot of female directors.

KRISTEN STEWART: Quite a few, yeah, which is rare. It's hard to generalize about that subject because the women I've worked with have all been so different. But if there's one consistency, it might be that you do have to handle yourself differently on a set. Women can be more emotional—at least they sometimes show it more.

MITCHELL: In what way?
STEWART: You know, with the film industry crews, there's an odd mix between a very technical and a very artistic approach to the work, and sometimes as a woman you have to be a little bit careful about how things come out because people don't really want to listen if it's in a certain emotional tone or too strong.

MITCHELL: If it's too directly emotional?
STEWART: Yeah—if it's addressing a direct emotion. I mean, it's this weird thing that I always feel like I have to gauge in myself, like, "Don't come on too strong because you won't get your way." It's like you have to be very tactful in how you get things across. But it's mostly in the group discussions that anything like that comes up. In personal conversations between director and actor, the male directors that I've worked with are just as emotional. Maybe it's because I had to start having very intimate conversations with adult men at a very young age in order to get the work, but I'm really comfortable with dudes. I mean, we push boundaries in this business in terms of getting to know people. There are things that directors know about me that people shouldn't know. But everyone's really different. I've worked with women who I've never wanted to tell anything about myself to, and I've worked with guys who have been pouring wells of emotion. So emotional availability is not a gender-specific thing.
MITCHELL: When was the first time you remember working with a woman who you instantly connected with?
STEWART: Well, Jodie [Foster, who Stewart worked with on David Fincher's Panic Room, 2002]. But actually, the first person who hired me for a movie was a woman: Rose Troche, who directed The Safety of Objects [2001].
MITCHELL: You were a kid when you did that movie.
STEWART: Yeah, I was 10. It was the first part I ever got. I was almost done auditioning at that point. I wasn't getting anything and I figured that it just wasn't worth it. But that was the first time I had an audition where suddenly I felt something. I remember looking up, and there was a camera, because I was being filmed, and I looked over at Rose, and I knew instantly that I had gotten the part without her even saying anything.
MITCHELL: Just from the way she was looking at you?
Click to read the rest after the cut...

May 28, 2012

Legit or Fake??? Really convincing Renesmee Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster!

I hope this is real - I'm loving the look with her "older" Mackenzie features, Bella meets Edward hair and Native American jewellery - squeee!

What say you?

- Lorabell

Kristen looking fiiierce (literally) at Rob's Cosmopolis premiere in Cannes

Click for HQ

Kristen blazed the red carpet at the Cannes premiere of Cosmopolis in a seriously different mood to her On The Road appearances - no doubt due to Robsten being papped getting their PDA on the night before...

With her claws at the ready and bitch-brow poised to level any photogs, Kristen was all kinds of fierce!

Rob however was looking sharp in his tux and seemed relaxed - good for him - even though I think he'd openly mac on Kristen if she'd let him ;)

After watching Cosmopolis, Kristen was apparently overheard telling Rob "You. Are. Amazing." whilst looking a little teary - nawwwwwww!

And I was just going to go see it for the gratuitous schmexiness :D

- Lorabell

See more pisc at Gossip_Dance

May 23, 2012

HQ pics of Kristen getting her strut on the Cannes red carpet for On The Road!

I am all kinds of digging this outfit!  And those shoes? Want.

Really not thrilled about posting Kirsten Dunst (she bugs) but is Tom wearing an earring?  Man, I hope that's for a role :/ 


If I had this gal's schedule, I'd be asleep under my guy right about now - Gawd only knows why Kristen isn't!  Can I get an "Amen"?

Respect to her for \rocking the On The Road red carpet at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on so little sleep... maybe she's used to it, ifyouknowwhatImean ;)

See more pics over at Gossip_Dance

Oh, and by the way, the cast rocked up to the premiere in this bad boy:


- Lorabell

P.s. I have tickets to see On The Road at London's Somerset House - anyone joining?

Amazeballs SWATH fashion feature in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has a new feature on Snow White and the Huntsman costumes, and - wow, just wow. These could double as haute couture on a theme-heavy episode of Project Runway!

Seven degrees of Fifty Shades of Grey...

Everyone's favorite adorable MTV interviewer, Josh Horowitz, ran a hilarious segment of MTV After Hours in which the cast of SWATH each (except for shy Chris Hemsworth) read from our fave FanFic turned Best Seller "Fifty Shades of Grey":

"Oh so happy trail?"

Charlize's 'erotica dance' weirds me out... but Chris Hemsworth's Aussie accent makes up for it!

Kristen Stewart rocks SWATH promo in Mexico

Kristen Stewart recently turned up in yet another amazing ensemble, this time doing promo for Snow White and the Huntsman in Mexico.

Click for bigger

Bright pink lips, cropped white blouse, high-waisted gray pants, and OME those shoes.  Perfection.

May 16, 2012

Happy (belated) Birthday, Rob!

Everyone's favorite sparkly vampire too-young actor got one year closer in age to the rest of us - happy 26th birthday, Robert Pattinson!

Sorry we're late - your gal's been keeping us busy - you know how it is ;)

Breaking Dawn PG13 ratings ridiculousness

Kristen Stewart recently told Graham Norton that the Breaking Dawn sex scene between Bella and Edward was toned way down by the ratings board. 

No surprise there (hey Bill Condon - where are our deleted scenes?!  Throw us a bone *snort*).

Kristen said:
It is a bit full on, but it's edited.  I see scenes and I think, 'why is music playing over that, I was definitely making sounds and it could be so sexy and it's not.'  The ratings board breaks it down so technically and apparently, thrusting is a huge problem for the children.


Dear ratings board:
Breaking Dawn is not for kiddies.  Please edit Part 2 - sparingly - as such.
The (NC17) world.

P.s. You're welcome.

KStew Interview = New Books for My Reading List

Every time Kristen Stewart does an interview, Amazon makes money off of me.

In her latest interview with Elle Magazine, Kristen is her usual charming self, dropping f-bombs left and right and leaving me with a list of books that are certainly more intellectually challenging than my normal dystopian/supernatural YA fare.

Lay off the photoshopping, Elle.  Our girl is perfect as-is.
Kristen also let slip a little- well-known rumor/fact... while perusing a bookstore during her interview: “'Oh my God, my f------ boyfriend just did this movie,' she says, referring to Robert Pattinson while pulling down a copy of Bel Ami."

Yes, we know.  It's on OnDemand for those in the states and in theaters for those in the UK... and it is HOT.

Read the rest of the interview over at Mandy's Mind and enjoy this super hawt behind the scenes video from the shoot - dang, girl.

PS - in my KStew shopping cart right now:
Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski
Lie Down in Darkness by William Styron
Contempt by Alberto Moravia
Money: A Suicide Note by Martin Amis <--Rob's favorite author.  Wonder how that ended up in her hands :)

May 14, 2012

So I went to the Snow White and the Huntsman screening...

Click for bigger

So tonight I was beyond excited to get to go to the cast and crew screening of Snow White and the Huntsman :D

Rupert Sanders, the director, introduced it saying how we were the first audience, outside of the big-wig's team to see the finished film - squeee!

Now, I grew up mesmerized by files like Labyrinth, Legend and The Never Ending Story; that, together with Kristen in the lead meant I knew this movie was going to be up my street...

For spoiler virgins, let me just say... it's gorgeous - every scene looks so stunning, the special effects are incredible and Kristen blew me away.

For you spoiler h00rs out there... well, click to see below the cut ;)

May 11, 2012

Gorgeous vs Gorgeous - New HQ Kristen Stewart SWATH cast shoot out-takes

Click for UnfHQ

Loving these! It's like a pretty people walk off... and Kristen totally wins ;)

See more from the shoot at Gossip_Dance

- Lorabell

First pics of Kristen on the Graham Norton show - loving the yellow skirt!

Click for bigger

Aw yay, Kristen is back in London!

Snow in the yellow skirt stopped by for a taping of the Graham Norton Show, which will be aired on BBC 1 tomorrow at 22.35 GMT.

What a random collection of guests though... Chris Rock, Stephen Mangan (go watch Green Wing now, trust) and... is that Engleberk Humperdink?

Remember when Rob was interviewed on Graham Norton?  Lol, good times :)

- Lorabell

Pics via @Gossip_Dance

May 10, 2012

Robert Pattinson grows a pair in new Premiere magazine shoot... haven't I seen that out-take before?

Click for bigger

Rob is featured in a new photo-shoot for France's Premiere magazine.

The Cosmopolis-themed photoshoot includes a (non-KStew) "leggy brunette" in all kinds of compromising positions - rawr!

However, haven't I seen these pics somewhere before???

Perhaps Rob's embracing his post-Cosmopolis confidence?  He said recently of choosing the script:
"Filming Cosmopolis with Cronenberg changed something in me. It gave me balls.  Before, I spent my time doubting myself. As soon as I read a script that I liked, I was working myself up, asking myself if I was good enough. Now, I tell myself: 'F--k it! If they want to hire you, go!"
No complaints here.

Anyone in French TwiCrackers want to be our new BFFs?  Grab a copy and send it to TwiCracker headquarters, please!

We promise not to do anything inappropriate with it.


See more out-takes at RP Life

On The Road promo (French) motherload - Cannes press kit with new Kristen Stewart stills!

Click for bigger
Ohai new wallpaper

I want to live in these photos.

I want to drive in that car with those people across endless road... and wear red lipstick without looking like a clown in crayon :/

The Cannes film festival has released this On The Road press kit (in French) before the 2012 event kicks off   May 16th through 27th.

I dig.

- Lorabell

New(ish) Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills make me miss "the bouff"

Click for bigger

Check out the Edward, Bella and Jacob looking all Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Bella's vamp hair is looking all kinds of pretty (even if the lack of an ICE blue SILK dress is still annoying) and Jake's solid styling is making my fingers twitchy - and I'm not even Team Jacob - I blame the ongoing lack of Edward's bouffant *sigh*

Makes me wonder how Renesmee's wig will turn out...

During her recent interview with Jay Leno, Kristen Stewart revealed that whilst shooting some scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2, Renesmee was played by - wait for it - "little Chucky dolls... an infant with a full head of hair, on a fake doll."  Oh the horror!

Actually, now I think about it, I'm surprised no-one's Photoshopped that before now.

Lil' Mackensie is just too cute for more Twilight Saga wig fails - I'm holding out on hope just like Jalice ;)

Thanks Ryan for the pics.

May 8, 2012

KStew swag - the best reason for wearing flats...?

Kristen showed up at the Jay Leno show, sporting flats and looking gorgeous as usual - when is the "KStew" going to become the next "Rachel"?

Watch the full YouTube interview HERE and HERE

We all know the girl's fond of her sneeks, but Kristen explained her footwear choice wasn't just a win against management... this time:
"I wasn't trying to have ultimate swag when I walked out. I hurt my foot. I wasn't trying to get out of wearing heels either. Puncture wound, promise!"
Apparently, the injury happened while on Breaking Dawn Part 2 reshoots for (um, spoiler alert?) Bella's first hunting scene when she stepped on a nail!

Eeek, heal fast, Kristen - the SWATH premiere is only a few weeks away!!!   Mini dress + sky-high stilettos = win (KStew legs not included, RPattz sold separately).

Pic via source

Kristen Stewart FULL Jimmy Kimmel (YouTube) video interview ... in a Cosby sweater.

Kristen went on Jimmy Kimmel the other night for some Snow White and the Huntsman promo and talks a lil' Coachella...ella...ella.

I'm super stoked to see SWATH and digging her skirt and skeet combo but that sweater is making my eyes go crossed O_o

- Lorabell x

P.s. I know I'm not the only TwiCracker to have this in my head now...

May 3, 2012

So you want to be a Twilight blogger? TwiCracker Help Wanted!

Hey TwiCrackers,

Sorry for being MIA :/ as I said before, I kinda got a promotion at work so have been slammed pretty solidly, on top of which my laptop decided to crash every time I open a heavy image page - fun.

I'm still hoping to return to my normal blogging ways, but in the mean hate seeing TCA go to waste and would love to take on a new partner in crime!

Could you be the Edward to my Bella?  The Nessie to my Jake?  The 'stache to my Charlie? *snort* that last one sounds wrong ;)

If you're interested joining please email in why to with the subject line "I'm Team TwiCrack"

Miss you all,

- Lorabell x