March 27, 2012

Snow White an the Huntsman merch overload - I want to buy it all!

Wanna get in on your Halloween costume a little early this year?  You (and some willing friends) can buy the complete SWATH get up HERE... if you're a tween size s or m, at least!

However, if you're looking to shop a little more subtle, the Home Shopping Network are releasing lots of pretty Snow White and the Huntsman inspired merch on May 30th, in conjunction with the movie distributor, Universal.

Dammit, I want it all!

- Lorabell *mu ah ah ahhhh*

Via ToDoTwilightSaga

March 23, 2012

First sneak peek at FULL Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer leaked ;)

New Update: OOOoooOOOoooOOOh!  FULL Breaking Dawn Part 2 *bounce* well hey they vampire Bella, you're looking good, girl *snap*


Update: Squeee, here we go!

Wow... that really was a teaser!  Here's to the full trailer on the 26th.


Who's ready to see some vampire McLovin'?

Go hide in the ladies room with your smart phone / put the kids in front of the TV with a snack and check back here for the full clip released at 6am ET, 3am PT, 11am GMT!

- Lorabell

March 22, 2012

Oooh, The Host teaser trailer is looking a little creepy... and I like it :)

Now I'm not talking "Edward Cullen fighting the urge to kill you in your sleep" creepy ;) but...

First off, the casting for this flick is ridoncs, there is no way it can't be good - I'm not saying it's going to go "Hunger Games" crazy, but I think it'll be a solid movie.

Second, this teaser just gave me chills - the combo of Saoirse, those eyes and that music *shudder* I can't wait to see the full trailer!

Check out some HQ pics of the film over at People :)

Did you read this book yet???

- Lorabell

New Cosmopolis trailer... Now THAT is what I call a "teaser"!

Speed post... potentially NSFW ;)

Time to go sit in a dark room - rawr!

 Thank you @FePattz xxx

 - Lorabell *raises eyebrow*

March 19, 2012

NEW SWATH Trailer! FULL five minute Snow White and the Huntsman featurette is fricking SWEEEEET!

Thanks to Xfinity for their new, bigger, better, longer and more Brit Kristen accent SWATH trailer, which is SO good I can't even...!

Also enjoy Kristen and Charlize on the TODAY show... er, today ;)

As nice as it is to see the girls kick start some SWATH promo, that interview was about a 7 on the lame-o-meter thanks to Mr Bland leading questions - I need me some @JoshHorowitz

- Lorabell

 P.s. Sorry for the sudden "hiatus", TwiCrackers - to give you some idea, I'm currently working my 22nd 14 hour day in a row but am never far away - hoping to resume regularly schedule programming soon xxx