February 12, 2012

Oh snap - Target's Exclusive Breaking Dawn Part 2 sneak peek HD clip - meet vampire Bella!

I can't really hear what they're saying but am oddly loving that they released this clip - I was all set for fierce vamp Bella being kick-ass, but forgot how good it is when the film is brings the book to life so accurately - go Bill!

- Lorabell

February 6, 2012

@JacksonRathbone to be a Daddy! I can not wait to see the dimples on this kid!

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been MIA of late - I started a new job and it's kicking my TwiCracker tush, time wise!

However, what better wait to break the dry spell with some grade A gossip - GossipCop have confirmed that McDimples and his girlfriend, Sheila Hafsadi are going to have a baby... I know right, who even knew he had a girlfriend???

There are more than a few hearts breaking out there over this Southern gent (me included) but I seriously can't wait to see the smile on this kid :)

First Nikki gets married, now Jackson's becoming a Daddy, who's next I wonder...

- Lorabell

Thanks Shraddha!