December 30, 2012

Welp... a little catchup.

Since BD2 was released, there is a sad drought of Twi-news these days.  To make up for it, here is a picture that my lovely friend from New Zealand, TwiKiwi, took on my camera (thanks A!) at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere:

Blogger asked me what size to make this picture:
small, medium, large, or extra large. 
You guess which one I picked.

Here's a little interesting trivia, though:

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has now grossed nearly $284 million, which puts it ahead of Breaking Dawn Part 1 ($281 million) and Twilight ($193 million), and behind Eclipse ($300.5 million) and New Moon ($297 million). 

With the movie still showing in 1,100 theaters across the US, plus countless more across the globe, and a daily intake hovering around half a million, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 stands a good chance of overcoming New Moon to become the second-highest-grossing Twilight Saga movie.  It may not overcome Eclipse... but I'm not done seeing it yet :) Anyone else going to do your part to up that total before it goes out of theaters entirely?



  1. Yay! Great picture! I needed some hot Rob ;) Miss everyone :( #LifeAfterTwilightSucks lol ;)

  2. I love the memories that picture brings back to me :)

    As you know, I am probably done seeing this one in theaters and maybe ever ;) I saw it three times (twice paid for) and that is about what I can do. Sigh


    *runs around flailing that this even happened*


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