October 4, 2012

NEW Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills

Woohoo!  Fifteen new Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills.  And here we go.

[Bella] W00t!  I'm sparkly,
just like the engagement ring I'm wearing on my *right* hand.

[Bella] Mmm, first thought: hormones. 

[Bella] Second thought: time to suck some animals dry!

[Bella] Third thought: kickin' ass.

[Bella] Wait a second, Jacob, you brought Charlie here?
I kill sweet woodland creatures and granite boulders -
I'd rather not kill Charlie. 

[Bella] On second thought, this isn't so bad.
[Charlie] Huh, her skin is frozen and hard,
but that's hardly worth mentioning.

[Charlie] I think I'll just accept this whole thing
with a nearly-unbelievable lack of fuss or questioning.

[Aro] Madame, your love nest awaits.  Allow us to escort you.

[Esme] Ta-daaaa!  I hope you like it.  I reinforced the walls because, well, you know.  Enjoy!

[Alice and poor, defiled-hair Jasper] WTF, where's our cottage?

[Emmett] Well it's good that she didn't get us a cottage.
We'd just smash it.
[Rosalie] *nods*

[Esme] Is it creepy that I'm looking in their windows? 
Ooh look, Bella's checking out the closet!

[Every girl in America the world]  SWOON! 
[Bella] Meh.  Where are the jeans.

[Edward] Forget the clothes. 
In fact, forget the ones you have on, too.

[80 years later, when they've finally emerged and yet no one has aged]
This isn't weird at all!  Happy ever after, Bell-ward and Rene-cob! 
Joking aside, I think these look great.  The cottage is perfect, Bella finally looks GOOD, with good hair, and I like the "feel" of these.  What do you think?



  1. LMAO! Thanks, Mac! Those are great, heehee xD I, also love these pictures. Part 1 was amazing...I think the finale is going to be perfect. Can't wait, as always, it's going to be bitter-sweet ^.^

  2. i think the pics are awesome but the only reason i can think of as to why bella has her ring on the right hand is cause the photos have been flipped so their in reverse

    1. I think she put her engagement ring on her right hand after she got married. She only wears her wedding band on her left :)

  3. Haha, LOVE your captions!


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