August 9, 2012

This just in: Kristen Stewart drops out of new movie Cali... woah!

According to GossipCop:
Kristen Stewart is dropping out of the upcoming movieCali, a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop.
We’ve reached out for a comment from the actress’ camp, but have not heard back.
Gossip Cop is told that Amber Heard has been asked to join the cast, although it’s not confirmed whether she’d be taking the part.
Heard’s rep would not comment.
The film, with Alex Pettyfer set to play the male lead, will be directed by Nick Cassavetes and revolves around lovers who sell a fake snuff film and run away, only to return to Los Angeles years later to rescue the woman’s younger sister from bad guys.
We’re checking to confirm whether Stewart, reportedly a producer on the film, is still involved in that capacity.
Gossip Cop also reached out to Voltage Productions, the company behind Cali.
Voltage declined to confirm Stewart’s status, but oddly noted that an announcement would be made soon.
Kristen was set to play the edgy, female lead, Mya in the action movie produced by Voltage.

According to Variety:
Set in Los Angeles, the movie follows Mya and Chris (Pettyfer), who are two lovers who sell a fake snuff film before skipping town with the bundle of cash. Having to return years later for family reasons, the pair must deal with a range of people who want them dead.
Bummer, this sounded like a really cool opportunity for Kristen - she must be a seriously sad panda...

- Lorabell


  1. I don't think it has anything to do with the break up. If they even did break up. If they've been together for 3 plus years, which I suspect, it's hard to make a clean break. Your life is tied up in theirs. I know, Ive been married for 10 years. I truly think things were rocky before she cheated. Maybe she was bored? Her and Michael Oregano *giggles* split after that time too, in the same exact fashion.

    Whatever. I think she just may need some time to fix this mess SHE created. It has nothing to do with the movie not wanting her. If anything she's like a young Angelina Jolie; man stealer. PR people for movies love the attention she'd bring.

  2. Sounds like bad movie idea in first place. Glad she has backed out


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