August 10, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Alternate Ending?

This is one of those moments where my stomach kinda lurches, because... are you ready for this?  [Stephenie Meyer and] Melissa Rosenberg "dreamed up" a new ending for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and IT STUCK.

They've apparently changed the ending to the movie.  I'll give you a moment to digest that.

Ready for more fuel for your "grab your torch and pitchforks" fire?  EntertainmentWise says:

Although not wanting to give away any more, the stars were initially taken aback by the fact that the movie will finish differently to the novels.

According to Hollywood Life, the film will include a sequence "dreamed up by [author] Stephenie Meyer and longtime screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg one night over dinner".

Twilight star Robert Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly: “When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, ‘What?  And then I had to go back a page. It does it a serious justice.”

Kristen Stewart agreed: “It’s clearly made by someone who really likes [the saga], who really cares,”
She said: “That’s why [director] Bill Condon is perfect. Thank God for him.”

Actor Amadou Ly, who plays Henri - yep, a non-canon vampire they added for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (because, obviously, there weren't already enough vampires to keep track of - seriously?!), just tweeted: "It will still be the same ending but just few exciting surprises..."

If you ask me, so far the changes they've made have not been for the better.  I happen to think that the books are pretty perfect as-is, but maybe I just have Twi-blinders permanently attached to my face.  Thoughts?  Conjectures as to the new ending?



  1. I call BS. Don't we know Summit by now? This is all for hype. Or... they are just talking about the fight that really isn't a fight thingy... yawn.

  2. Or Bella is papped sneaking around Forks with the Biology teacher, Edward goes to ground with an occasional A Positive drunk dial.....and it goes on and on....

    I am feeling less and less like seeing this movie.

    1. Bella drops out of Dartmouth and holes up with the janitor not showering and only eating tofurky...

  3. Maybe show daughter all grown up with Jacob. That is one things do not like about books made to movies. They cut so much or change major parts. Like Eclipse, after Jacob kisses Bella, better in the book.

    1. Yeah, that whole part were she's melting down in the tent and Edward is being annoyingly understanding. Jacob drives me nuts in Eclipse. The scene with Victoria in the book is really intense and fun to read. It's my favorite book in the series.

  4. I honestly didn't care for the book Breaking Dawn. I had much bigger expectations and was very let down(at least for the 2nd half of the book. I loved the wedding.) I really have no expectations for the movie so I will probably looove it!! lol! I loved BD pt1:)

  5. I bet they kill the Volturi! That would be awesome!!!!

  6. I think it will be a bit of "futurama" as maybe through Alice's visions? Of how happy they all are...and I also agree, the "fight" will most likely be a very eleaborate "Bellamare" nightmare...

    I loved BD-well, I loved all the books, and you are all right, why would they try to improve on what billions of us have loved as is? Cinematically exciting or not, do it the right way, please! Edward was never once bested in any encounter-he ruled with his words at Volterra, he had Victoria mesmerized by his soft crooning words as she tried to leave, and though she was an "arrow" he was faster, "a bullet shot from a gun"-I hated the part of the movie where she had him in a headlock, would have loved to hear that familiar sigh and seen him flip Riley over his head to keep Bella from hurting herself! I would also have loved seeing her kissing him all over after, so relieved he was unharmed! But hey, did anyone consult us>we're just the crazy obsessed fans!

  7. I believe they are going to actually fight with the volturi. If you watch the trailers they are actually fighting with someone when Edward swings Bella by the hand and it looks like Jane to me. You read the books waiting for a fight that never happens. I think they do get to throw a few punches and kicks.


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