August 14, 2012

Rob looking seriously schmexy in NYC at US Cosmopolis premiere!

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Rob was in NYC last night for the US premiere of Cosmopolis and looking extra hot on the red carpet in his slick suit and hair!

He kinda reminds me of Jef from this past season of The Bachelorette - who I'm totally in love with - way to combine two hot, sweet guys :)

Jon Stewart (no relation) also interview Rob while he was in town and is sure to be quality viewing - head over to the Daily Show site if you're in the US, or stay tuned for YouTube videos as they're available ;)

According to fans at the taping "Jon presented Robert with a bowl of ice-cream and discussed his own previous romantic lows" - awww.

- Lorabell

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  1. Smokin' hottttt! I was reading comments on Yahoo and so many were like "I never thought he was good looking, but now with all the baggage gone (Kristen) he looks free and so hot!" One was like, "He looks so good now that he has that 110 lb weight off his shoulder!" Basically a lot of Kristen bashing! I feel bad for her and her stupidity, but sooooo glad Rob looked awesome and confident and his Jon Stewart interview was so good! I think Jon did a great job with the whole "awkwardness" that we all knew would be there for Rob. I wish i could see the movie :-( it's not playing near me!

  2. I just saw clips of the interview and boy, he is a lot more "mature" minded than I imagined. Yeah, he can go ahead and forgive Kristen if he wants, but he should move on without her. Kristen still has a lot of growing up to do and you can see it with her wishy washy styles. She can't make up whether she wants to be grown up or not.

  3. You know I think its great that Rob has taken the high road. I am sick to death of hearing about Kristen. What about the 40 something year old that cheated on his wife and children?? That is where I feel bad for Kristen. Everyone focusing on her and not the fact there were two people involved. If Rob and Kristen can mend each others friendship, it would be nice to see someday.

  4. lets show some support!


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