July 13, 2012

Memorial for Gisela

In the wake of Tuesday's tragic news from Comic Con, one ray of light shines: this community.

Within hours of Gisela (@mad4hugh)'s passing, a memorial had been created and donations began pouring in for her funeral expenses.  As of this posting, $6,824 has been raised - an incredible amount in just over two days.  Thank you to the incredibly sweet @theswandive for putting together this memorial.

To visit Gisela's memorial page, where you can make a donation and/or leave messages, go here.

This is a beautiful, loving community and I am so honored, now and always, to be a part of it. 


UPDATE: The memorial fund will be closed tomorrow morning so that the funds can be transferred to Gisela's family.  If you would like to donate, please do so tonight or early tomorrow morning. 

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