July 14, 2012

Caption Contest!

Okay TwiCrackers, bring your wits to bear: it's time for a caption contest.  

Whoever leaves the best caption of the following photo in the comments gets showered in virtual glitter!  Tell us: what are Elizabeth, Mackenzie, Kristen, Rob, and Taylor saying/thinking? 



  1. Taylor: "Kristen, what happened to the rest of that shirt?"
    Kristen: "well the ol' shirt knot got old so i cut that f'ing sh*t off."
    Rob: "kristen!... earmuffs...!"
    Mackenzie: "oooh cameras!"
    Elizabeth: "Vacant stare, Vacant Stare, Vacant Stare..."

    1. hehehe .. i happen to lurve her potty mouth !

    2. That's too good. Can't think of anything better. :)

  2. Elizabeth: I should have been the one that had the baby.....
    Kristen: It had to be me. I'm the sh*t. Just had to be.
    Rob: Eehh, she is the effin sh*t Elizabeth.
    Taylor: Hey Kristen. Hey hey hey. Hey Kristen, hi. Hey, hi. Kristen hi.
    Mackenzie: How the f*ck did I get here with these people....?

  3. Kristen: Oh God, thats your gassy face.
    Rob: I cant help it! I ate one too many In and Out burgers. (Rob lets one go)
    Kristen: Geese, I cant take you anywhere!

  4. kristen: hey i just met you and this is crazy but heres my number so call me maybe??
    rob:oh not again kristen ...
    taylor:she just dosent shut up dose she ..?
    mackenzie:how did i end up with these wierdos...

  5. Liz- Ouch, my bag is so sore...Peter's hung like a donkey.
    Mackenzie - Kristen said she'd teach me to drive one day. Sweeeeet.
    Kristen - Sure crazy Krisiban, I'll accept your marriage proposal. Why not.
    Rob - phfffffft...I think that Hot Pocket was expired.......
    Taylor - Liz is looking HOT.

  6. That first sentence was supposed to say "VAG" not bag. Gah!

  7. Kristen: Who cares if I farted!
    Rob: oh yeah....I smell it
    Taylor: What the heck is going on down there...
    Mackenzie: Just keep smiling for the cameras
    Elizabeth: Hahahahaha.... kids these days.


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