June 6, 2012

New Moon graphic novel (with schmexy Jacob/Bella cover) FINALLY to be released!

Whoohooo, volume 1 of the New Moon graphic novel FINALLY had a release date... even if it is October 30 2012!

I love these :D such a fascinating way to re-read our beloved series - I can't wait to see what   my fave of the Twilight books looks like in comic form...

Pre-order yours at Amazon:

What do you think - worth it?  I for one will be collecting them all :)

- Lorabell <--- sucker


  1. Bet she is reaching for Edward on volume II!

  2. @Anon 10:51 - Oooooh, good call!

  3. I adore graphic novels. Going to preorder on Amazon! Thanks.

  4. I don't own any of these yet but I will definitely be buying the boxed set once they're all released!


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