June 11, 2012

Spoiler-Free SWATH Review

Hey TwiCrackers!  I finally made it to see SWATH yesterday.

My observations, free of spoilers:

- KStew: thumbs up.  Amazing.  She does the damsel in distress well, doesn't she?  She also does the damsel turned warrior princess well, and I'll be interested to see how that plays out in BD2, when she stops being the protected one and starts protecting everyone else.

- Chris Hemsworth: thumbs up.  He did a great job as the Huntsman - just the right degree of snark mixed in with broody and brave. 

- Charlize Theron: thumbs up.  She scares me. 

- The costumes: thumbs up.  I could easily see their designer origins.  The evil queen, in particular, had some stunning pieces - she wears a sparkly floor-length robe in one scene that I could easily see myself wearing while lounging poolside, being fed grapes :)

- Scenery and cinematography: thumbs up.  Much of the movie takes place outside, and nature is always a beautiful backdrop.  Somebody who knew how to film it was behind the camera on this one.

- For guys: thumbs up.  Plenty of sword fighting and cool special effects, plus what guy doesn't appreciate Charlize Theron?

- Other thoughts: there were some moments that I thought were, intentionally or otherwise, reminiscent of both Twilight and Lord of the Rings.  Anyone else catch them?  I won't mention specifics, but one shot with KStew was straight out of New Moon. 

- Overall: I liked it!  Had Kristen not been in it, I probably wouldn't have bothered to see it, since supernatural stuff isn't my thing (and yet, I somehow landed in the Twilight fandom and never left... hmm), but it was worth seeing.

Leave your observations in the comments!

-- MyAfterCar


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  2. Darlene! You win the TCA Super Sleuth Award! Thank you for posting this, and you can email me anytime at myaftercarisanxkr@gmail.com. :)


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