June 28, 2012

Hallmark's Breaking Dawn Part 1 Christmas ornament

Hallmark released a preview of their Breaking Dawn Part 1 Christmas ornament! 

Does anyone else own the Eclipse ornament?  Or the New Moon ornament?  (Did they do a Twilight one?)  I have the New Moon and Eclipse ones, and you can bet your sparkly behind that I will be hanging Bridella and Groomward on my tree this year!  Mr. XKR will be thrilled. 

I think Bella's dress looks GREAT, as does Edward's tux... but does the hook come out of his head?!  That makes me wonder whether someone who absolutely abhors all things Twilight did that just out of spite. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments! 



  1. I love this one :) The others I think were good but I never got around to getting them lol. I think I will get all three, for our tree this year ;)

  2. That's actually really sweet and classy.
    But you have a point about the hook.

  3. Hm...I have the Twi one, but not the other two. DEF getting this one. At least in the far far future, my progeny will think it's a wedding ornament. ;) I love it. But I'll need to get a closer look...If Bella is in mid-smooch, I might pass. From this angle she has the potential to look a little seabass-ish.

  4. Can you still get any of these? I Only have 2012 one!!


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