June 7, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast spill sparkly vampire beans...

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie) were interviewed about Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Jackson had pretty much zero to say (but his dimples and smile say PLENTY), but Nikki was a little more forthcoming.  Check it out!

Can't wait to see the vampire girl trio!  However, I'd like to know whose @sses they're kicking, because (spoiler alert?) it never really comes to blows in the final showdown.  Perhaps this is during Alice's early vision of the battle, which at one point supposedly included some Cullens and wolves dying.  (Does anyone remember that rumor?) 

What do you think - who are they fighting?



  1. The only fighting I remember was between those gifted, AKA, Edward, Bella, Jane, Alec and so on. Who was it again who controlled the earth? Garret? Okay, I know what book Im rereading this week. Geese!

  2. I think it was Benjamin? The subtle gift people do fight, but not hand to hand... I'll be interested to see how they present those gifts, because to an outsider it would just look like they're standing there, while Bella is shielding (squee!), Edward is mind reading, Alec is detaching bonds, and Jane is trying to inflict pain. I'm not jealous of Bill Condon for having to figure out how to show all of that!

  3. I heard they did some changing on the fight that was never a fight to spice it up a bit. Rewrites can be great fun as we don't expect them and it's something new! Gotta admit, much of BD2 was build up to nothing.

  4. I purposely didn't read the fourth book so that I could be surprised when I watch the movie. So excited!!! And yeah, Jackson Rathbone's smile just makes puts me in dreamland! ;)

  5. Could be during the time when all the other vampires are at the Cullen house and Bella is training to use her "shield"????


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