June 19, 2012

WATCH the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer now!!!

UPDATE: Apparently we get a FULL trailer tomorrow! Squeee!

Either Summit is confused about Edward's birthday (as usual, they aren't taking advantage of the LEGIONS of fans who could help them correct this... and the Volvo color... and the post-birth dress color... just saying), or they've decided to be nice and release the BD2 teaser trailer a day early. Decide for yourself which is more likely :)

Either way, here's the teaser trailer:

What are your thoughts?  Bella's hair bothers me.  Edward looks yummy.  Stupid details like the flower color are wrong (GRRR).  Same old, same old.

Share your likes and GRRRs in the comments!



  1. Love her hair! Her hair is how I've pictured all along! Maybe we have age differences. I love the fact that you see the details that I don't. Hence the flower thing.

  2. details dont bother me...I just happy they made the movie! Looks great!!

  3. what flower thing??

  4. The only thing that kinda bothers me is the snow/mountain scenes :/ We all know it's a set but I really think they could try to put a little more effort in making it look more realistic. Like in Eclipse, Bella was freezing then running around the next morning with no jacket lol. Everything is just so wrong with those scenes lol.

  5. bella isn't wearing the necklace aro gave her as a wedding present in the last scene :(

  6. OMG..This look sawesome!! Seriously, it is never going to be exactly like the book. I say, let's stop worrying about minor details and enjoy the movie.
    Look at the Harry Potter books/movies. Not exactly the same but both fantastic.
    Bring on November


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