June 13, 2012

Bada$$ Breaking Dawn Part 2 pics - vampire Bella defends her family in new Entertainment Weekly shoot and stills!

F-loving her get-up - just the right amount of leathery superhero meets Forks - but seriously, is that THE peacoat???

 Click for bigger

Also, really stoked about the grey jersey dress - a simple thing but that image always stuck with me from when she went to see J.Jenks


- Lorabell

Thanks EW.com


  1. Why is she wearing riding breeches?? I'm pretty sure horses are scared of her now. Lol.

    1. Trust me you can wear riding breeches and not have a horse. Just like people who wear leather jackets and don't have motorcycles

  2. Wow, this is so awesome! Love it! I can't wait, I know Kristen did an amazing job at vamp Bella ^.^ Rob...I still love you so ;) Gah, he's hot in this pic!

  3. That is a bad a$$ image.
    So protective mama.
    I love it and can relate.

  4. OMG, these are great! *squeee* Love them!

  5. Omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!! I'm freaking OUT!

    These images are so visually stunning!

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  7. Loving Bella as a vamp! She looks so fierce and protective!

  8. I love the picters of bella swan a vampire

  9. Bella's awesome as a vampire! I mostly like her eyes; they seem to be dangerous and warm at the same time!!!


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