May 30, 2012

Welcome new TwiCracker @MyAfterCar

Friends, Robstens, Twicrackers,

You may have seen my want ad (aka "cry for help") a couple of weeks ago, looking for a new addition to our bloggy team.

Thank you so much to all who emailed, I'm really touched that you'd want to be a part of TCA *sniffle* it was a tricky choice but...

Welcome to @MyAfterCar!

Although we've never actually met (like so many of us out there) we've crossed paths more than once as, like me, MAC is second Twi-gen and totally cracker addicted ;)

I hope you'll make her as welcome as you did me back in the day.

- Lorabell xxx

Off topic, what are these sassy My Little Ponies I keep seeing everywhere and how do I find more of them?


  1. Yay. I'm so happy that MyAfterCar (MCA) has joined you. MCA is the best. I'm so excited for you both.

  2. Welcome MyAfterCar! And thank you!!!

  3. That's awesome news! I've enjoyed her comments on other fansites. Congratulations My After Car!

  4. Yay, so happy! Welcome & Big Hugs :)

  5. Oh my God, TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!! I'm guessing no one else watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you've never watched that show, then so so now. You can stream it on Netflix.

  6. Kudos, MCA. Great addition. And I'm not biased cause she's my daughter.

  7. ...MCA? Shouldn't it be MAC? ....I love me some MyAfterCar! Excited to see her around these parts!


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