May 14, 2012

So I went to the Snow White and the Huntsman screening...

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So tonight I was beyond excited to get to go to the cast and crew screening of Snow White and the Huntsman :D

Rupert Sanders, the director, introduced it saying how we were the first audience, outside of the big-wig's team to see the finished film - squeee!

Now, I grew up mesmerized by files like Labyrinth, Legend and The Never Ending Story; that, together with Kristen in the lead meant I knew this movie was going to be up my street...

For spoiler virgins, let me just say... it's gorgeous - every scene looks so stunning, the special effects are incredible and Kristen blew me away.

For you spoiler h00rs out there... well, click to see below the cut ;)

I wish I could sit here and type out the whole play-by-play - I tried (trust) but by the time I finished, you would have probably seen the movie for yourself.

What I will do it my top ten list :)

10) Florence. I was expecting "Breath of Life" to be worked into a montage somewhere rather than exit music but I've had it in my head since... and I like it.
9) The dwarves :) fiesty fellows - just the right touch of comedy in a dark movie - go, Gus go!
8) The Queen .  She's a bit craycray and wears fascinatingly creepy costumes - someone should have  pointed out to the King she was dressed as Skeletor on their wedding day - would have saved a whooole mess of trouble.
7) The Huntsman. I'd have some burly chap showing me the ways of the forest any day, if you know what I mean.  You think you'd be sad when he gets an injury... but you'd be wrong ;)
6) The Prince. Didn't expect to rate him above the Huntsman but boy did good.  A lil bit rugged and a lil bit romantic - crushable combo.
5) The castle - towering stone on the outside, tunneling dungeon on the inside - look out for when Snow does a wicked running slide.
4) The castle approach - storming up the beach on horseback with fireballs exploding in the surf all around - hells to the yeah!
3) The dark forest - a whole sequence of Snow running, disorientated and tripping out - yup, she inhales some pollen that makes her hallucinate all sorts of crazy shizzle. Amazing.
2) The fairies :) slightly alien looking but so cute with their tufty hair and woodwind sounds - loves!
1) Kristen *sigh* oh, Kristen let me count the ways - you go from "damsel in distress" to "her Royal Fierceness" and back again - cry a little more and tug at my heart strings why don't ya, and then later level me with that glare. Awesome.
P.s. her British accent is top notch too - take it from a Brit ;)

- Lorabell

NB: Watch out for Krsiten's seriously long toes.  You'll see and you'll think the same.


  1. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cant wait.

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooo I can not wait either.

  3. Very excited to see this film. And über stoked to see Sanders creative in a feature length production.

  4. Omg I can't wait!!!!

  5. Well NOW I will see the toes!

    So cool that you got to go see this - I am looking forward to this one!


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