May 10, 2012

New(ish) Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills make me miss "the bouff"

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Check out the Edward, Bella and Jacob looking all Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Bella's vamp hair is looking all kinds of pretty (even if the lack of an ICE blue SILK dress is still annoying) and Jake's solid styling is making my fingers twitchy - and I'm not even Team Jacob - I blame the ongoing lack of Edward's bouffant *sigh*

Makes me wonder how Renesmee's wig will turn out...

During her recent interview with Jay Leno, Kristen Stewart revealed that whilst shooting some scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2, Renesmee was played by - wait for it - "little Chucky dolls... an infant with a full head of hair, on a fake doll."  Oh the horror!

Actually, now I think about it, I'm surprised no-one's Photoshopped that before now.

Lil' Mackensie is just too cute for more Twilight Saga wig fails - I'm holding out on hope just like Jalice ;)

Thanks Ryan for the pics.


  1. why is Edwards eyes red?

  2. Edward's eyes are red because he was the one who turned Bella in the last movie...hence his eyes being red from human blood.

  3. But he injected his venom into her, he didn't taste her blood...

  4. He bit her several times.


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