May 8, 2012

KStew swag - the best reason for wearing flats...?

Kristen showed up at the Jay Leno show, sporting flats and looking gorgeous as usual - when is the "KStew" going to become the next "Rachel"?

Watch the full YouTube interview HERE and HERE

We all know the girl's fond of her sneeks, but Kristen explained her footwear choice wasn't just a win against management... this time:
"I wasn't trying to have ultimate swag when I walked out. I hurt my foot. I wasn't trying to get out of wearing heels either. Puncture wound, promise!"
Apparently, the injury happened while on Breaking Dawn Part 2 reshoots for (um, spoiler alert?) Bella's first hunting scene when she stepped on a nail!

Eeek, heal fast, Kristen - the SWATH premiere is only a few weeks away!!!   Mini dress + sky-high stilettos = win (KStew legs not included, RPattz sold separately).

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