May 3, 2012

So you want to be a Twilight blogger? TwiCracker Help Wanted!

Hey TwiCrackers,

Sorry for being MIA :/ as I said before, I kinda got a promotion at work so have been slammed pretty solidly, on top of which my laptop decided to crash every time I open a heavy image page - fun.

I'm still hoping to return to my normal blogging ways, but in the mean hate seeing TCA go to waste and would love to take on a new partner in crime!

Could you be the Edward to my Bella?  The Nessie to my Jake?  The 'stache to my Charlie? *snort* that last one sounds wrong ;)

If you're interested joining please email in why to with the subject line "I'm Team TwiCrack"

Miss you all,

- Lorabell x


  1. Yay! All you tech savvy geniuses support our bloggy leader! Sadly I wouldnt have the first clue about it.


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