March 19, 2012

NEW SWATH Trailer! FULL five minute Snow White and the Huntsman featurette is fricking SWEEEEET!

Thanks to Xfinity for their new, bigger, better, longer and more Brit Kristen accent SWATH trailer, which is SO good I can't even...!

Also enjoy Kristen and Charlize on the TODAY show... er, today ;)

As nice as it is to see the girls kick start some SWATH promo, that interview was about a 7 on the lame-o-meter thanks to Mr Bland leading questions - I need me some @JoshHorowitz

- Lorabell

 P.s. Sorry for the sudden "hiatus", TwiCrackers - to give you some idea, I'm currently working my 22nd 14 hour day in a row but am never far away - hoping to resume regularly schedule programming soon xxx


  1. Oooooooh Lorabell, take care with those long days!
    SWATH trailer looks great, I get the LOTR comparison now and Kristen's accent sounds really nice. Her voice is even lower with this!

  2. Welcome back :-). Look after yourself though.

  3. Hey lady! I've missed ya! This trailer gave me major goosebumps and Kristen's accent was AMAZING! Almost like she had a private dialect coach or something. *winks*

  4. Aw, thanks guys :) I've missed you too!

    P.s. @Isle "like".

  5. Oh you are so right about Mr Horowitz, his interviews transcend the ordinary! I saw the Hunger Games coverage on MTV rough cut and it completely changed my mind about Jennifer Lawrence just because Josh brings out something extra in people

  6. Accent? What accent? I don't hear it....The movie looks cool!


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