January 18, 2012

TwiCrack supports #StopSOPA - the entertainment industry shouldn't have the right to govern the internet!

I know, I know, getting all political n shizz but where would I be if our little TwiCrack Addicts blog was deleted for good?

We get enough censorship from the man as it is (fine if it's legits illegal but if it's released it elsewhere...?) so sad if this scummy practice became increasingly abused and misused.

Today, many internet sites like Wikipedia are hosting a "black out" in protest.  I decided to post this video (as people over my side of the pond might not have heard about the occupation) and then cease activity for those next 12 hours.

See you on the flipside... hopefully!

- Lorabell x


  1. I posted this one too! I agree completely. We bloggers must stay aware.

  2. Thanks I posted this on my facebook! I also posted the google petition. We get enough censorship. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are becoming things of the past. I'm sick of it all.


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