January 19, 2012

@JacksonRathbone Is Completely Sexy & Southern

Okay, I have a weak spot for southern, sexy men.  If you're new to the blog, I'm from the South and I live on the coast.  Jackson MUST be trying to kill me.  I know this is a silly photo he tweeted, but good lawd that man is sexy. He is only 3 years older than me... Jackson, next time you come to town, let me know.  I'll gladly have some crawfish with you.




  1. *le sigh*
    He is so sexy!
    I LOVE this picture.
    I'm a sucker for Southern boys too!

    Question: Was he poking fun at John Mayer? Too funny!

  2. Georgia here and I couldn't agree more, Ashes. You really can't beat a southern gentleman...and Rob ;)

  3. Hey Ash where are you from?? I'm from louisiana just wondering I love crawfish and a good ole southern boy too!


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