January 26, 2012

Get 'em while you can - Breaking Dawn Part 1 Behind The Scenes DVD Video Extras!

BTS Kristen

Rob laughing Tay CPR

Kristen working with her dummy, birthing unit

Pregnancy 2

Pregnancy stuff

Sex Scene


More Brazil

Brazil 3

Brazil 4

Boat driving

Wedding vows

R/K giggling, bed scene

Rob biting fake Bella

R/K CPR Scene

Kristen dancing in Lapa


rkclaudia17 thanks veronicaspuffy

For screencaps see more at Robstennation!

- Lorabell

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  1. OH MY GOSH! thank you for posting these im going crazy!! i seriously cannot wait until the DVD! these are soo funny! for the wedding clip is that what they really say after they kiss! hahahahaha never noticed that! wow these clipse are perfect!


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