January 11, 2012

Breaking Dawn Wedding Edward and Bella Barbies are here!

Click for bigger

Now, I know these aren't quite the uhmazeballs hand painter Tonner dolls we post about a while back but I know I'm not the only TwiCracker who wants their own... to hide in the back of a closet *ahem*

Soon to be available for order over at Barbie Collector for $29.95 to join the rest of your secret stash ;)

- Lorabell


  1. I (oops,I mean Santa, lol) got The original E & B for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas &
    Grandma got her a Wedding Barbie and Ken set. I had to do it. Edward and Bella are now in the wedding attire; Ken is Jasper or Carlisle and her other barbies are the rest of the Cullen girls. I need to find an Emmett come to think of it... maybe one of her Princes could double as Emmett... Yep, I'm having more fun than her:)


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