November 30, 2011

Rob stealing from set again? Bella and Edward's Breaking Dawn honeymoon luggage...

So I was at the airport the other day and came across these suitcases that I was sure I'd seen used on Bella and Edward's honeymoon in Breaking Dawn...

I tried my best to find screen-caps to compare but non of the released footage showed the luggage.

I'm pretty sure this was the vanity case Bella frantically searches through on Isle Esme (although it looked less green and more brown if I recall).

Looks like Rob was a fan of the matching case (until Kristen got all that swag from Mulberry at least) when spotted in LA back in October.

These look a pretty close match to me... what do you think?

To pretend to order your own set head over to BRIC'S

- Lorabell

More TwiTatts... gone really wrong - eeek!

Dear TwiCracker,

You're a fan of the Twilight Saga, I get it. Trust.

But having all three faces of the Twifecta cast permanently tattooed?

Dude, that's Robwardmunster, TransformerTaycob and ghost-face Bellsten across your whole leg.



- Lorabell *stopping myself there*

Want an invite to the SWATH wrap party? Get yours here...

Well, you can print one it you really want... I didn't say it would work anywhere but might be worth a shot ;)

If nothing else, I'm loving the Snow White and the Huntsman logo stamp! I would love cool merch to become available for this movie...

- Lorabell

Even more new Breaking Dawn Part 1 HQ stills - that is one freaky looking baby!

Update: Feathers and nudgers and vampire-babies, oh my!

Click for HQ

This... kills me.

WOAAA! Renesmee needs some styling O_o


Click for UHQ (which took me about a MILLION years to upload!)

*Swoon* for gorgeous wedding details :)

Don't forget you an get your own wedding dress HERE and the (way too tall gorgeous) shoes HERE!

Via HeyUGuys

- Lorabell

P.s. Bonus info on the dress' designer Carolina Herrera:

Seeing Bella’s wedding dress come to life in this installment of THE TWILIGHT SAGA was one of the more highly anticipated moments of the franchise. Stephenie Meyer says, “My favorite designer, Carolina Herrera, did the wedding dress. I wanted the dress to be something special, not something that you’re going to see every day. I love what Carolina did with it, she came up with a stunning concept. It’s similar to what I envisioned, but with added elements.”

Here are some interesting facts about the wedding dress:
  • Stephenie Meyer & Director, Bill Condon selected this design out of ten sketches that Ms. Herrera submitted.

  • The wedding dress is handmade and took Ms. Herrera and four seamstresses six months to complete.

  • The wedding dress was custom fit for Kristen Stewart.

  • The dress is made out of crepe satin and French Chantilly lace152 buttons line the back of the dress and there are 17 buttons on each sleeve.

  • Ms. Herrera designed the back of the dress to be a surprise, and she considers it very romantic.

  • Ms Herrera plans to include the design in her 2012 collection and it will be available at her CHNY boutiques next year.

  • The estimated value of Bella’s wedding dress is $35,000.

  • The bridal dress company Alfred Angelo will be selling a replica of the dress in select stores retailing at $799.

Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Immortalized... in Pancakes. Just as they should be, omnomnom!

Hm, needs more sprinkles.

TwiCrack Addiciton just went to a whooole new level...

Celebuzz posts:
Chicago-based artist Katherine Kalnes has transformed pancakes into some of the biggest stars on the planet and revealed that each pancake takes up to eight hours to make! The 25 year old has created a delicious edible art using a special pancake batter called Batter Blaster, frosting, chocolate chips, blueberries and raisins.
Eight hours??? Psh, I'd pass out from sugar intake after two! Now, make me a whole pan-cake man and we're talking... there's a fan-fic in there somewhere ;)

- Lorabell

Beautiful @JuliaRJones on Jimmy Kimmel for Breaking Dawn Part 1 (p.s. she's also on Twitter now - bonus)

Update: You can now (finally) follow Julia on Twitter @JuliaRJones - confirmed via TwilightLexicon :) don't forget to check our "Fooled by Fakers" for a full list of Twilight tweeters!

I need to make a Team Clearwater tee - both Julia and BooBoo are such sweethearts - way to go, Sue ;)

- Lorabell

November 29, 2011

Ashley Greene on Pam Am Set in NYC

Ashley Greene is currently working on her new project, Pam Am, in New York City.

According to Celebrity-Gossip, Ashley will be appearing on a three-episode arc of the show beginning December 4th.

Ashley looks REALLY different in these pictures. Not sure if it is the obvious 1960's hair and attire, or the no makeup look.


Kristen Stewart Spotted Out & About In London Today

Well, not really out and about. She was spotted arriving at Rob's apartment in London in an oddly familiar shirt again.

I'm starting to think that she doesn't borrow his clothes...

Maybe they buy matching sets.


*Warning - Pap Pics*

November 26, 2011

Breaking Dawn set visit shared by luckiest fan ever - pic/video slide-show of prize trip to the Breaking Dawn set (March 2011)

Via RPLife

- Lorabell <- not jealous or anything... *grumble*

Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD and BluRay deets released!

Squeee for cover-art :D

According to MovieWeb Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD and BluRay special features will include:
  • 6-part Documentary (viewable in both standard and PIP modes)
  • Bella & Edward's Personal Wedding Video
  • Becoming Jacob
  • Jump to...(character specific favorite scenes)
  • Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
Wahwah for no Rob and Kristen commentary - what the forks, didn't they appreciate the comic genius of the one for Eclipse?

Whoohot for the Wedding Video though - I hope includes a first dance and maybe that snippety scene of Bella catching sight of her reflection - I loved that bit in the book :)

Pre-order yours HERE

- Lorabell

Breaking Dawn Part 2 new vampires spotted in premiere after-party photobooth

Click for bigger
Obvs we all know Renesemee (and my sweetiepie Wyck)

Pretty sure the chick in the middle is Siobhan

This lil cutie is Maggie

I'm thinking Blondie here is Vladimir

How'd a wuff get in here... with a pack of llladies - playa!

Looks like the new vamps got a lil photo-booth happy at the Breaking Dawn after party... and there's no pics of a Robsten make-out fest becaaause?

See more pics at TheVampireClub

- Lorabell

November 25, 2011

A TwiCracker's guide to Black Friday shopping - what Twilight merch is on sale where!

The Twilight Lexicon posted a few Twitastic Black Friday deals they found including...

Bella's purple flocked bedding which is on sale at Target and includes free shipping!

Bella's engagement ring (and other pieces) from Infinate Jewelry for everyone's budget - ranging from fashion, fine and genuine.

So then I figured I "can Google it" and found some more Twi-swag...

BOGO Breaking Dawn tees and accessories at Hot Topic!

As well as reduced Twilight tees at CafePress :)

Aaaand (possibly my favourite) the Twilight Styling Tools from Walmart, which are cheaper than the official Twilight Styling Tools site AND includes a FREE Twilight DVD of your choice :D

Go forth, TwiCrackers and shop like Alice!

- Lorabell

@JacksonRathbone and Julia Jones visit troops for Thanksgiving

Dimples and smiles - Jacklia Rathjones would make good babies

Thanksgiving pilgrims and native Americans go vampire and werewuff when Jackson and Julia visited the troops of Camp Pendleton near San Diego, Ca.

I'm thankful for celebrities making time for good causes :)

Watch over at Fox5SanDiego via TwilightLexicon

- Lorabell *Major Jasper Whitlock, ma'am*

Perfect screen-savers :) Breaking Dawn wedding and honeymoon stills now in UHQ

Update: Whoohoo for more screen-saver worthy Breaking Dawn stills in UHQ :D

For whatever reason this one refuses to click

Click and click the rest :)
She must have an uber wedgie because those shorts are all kinds of riding - just saying!
I may have bought that comb and been all kinds of fan-girl about it. What.


Click and click for UHQ
Mmm, smells like prom flashbacks

Gotta get that frosted protein in there

Totes just noticed Edward's velvet collar... loving the throwback detail

Hm, what's this tee made out of? Because I am totes stealing it later :)

- Lorabell

November 24, 2011

Robsten Alert: Rob & Kristen Enjoy Another Date Night in London

Update: I found a - pretty legit seeming - fan encounter from the venue earlier the same evening (damn I wish I was in London right now!) here's an excerpt:
"we were literally 10cm from them both and they were sooo fuckinggg cute!! rob had his fingers tucked into kristen's jeans pocket and then she was holding his hand there with her fingers. and then she also had her other arm wrapped round him. they were both kind of dancing/swaying to the music and kept on whispering things in each others ears. tom was standing next to rob and he had his beard and amish hat and was totally the third wheel lol. marcus was incredible and rob and kristen kept screaming his name and clapping along. kristen also was going crazy dancing at some points getting really into it and rob would just smile at her and tap to the beat on her hip. then sam arrived and he gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and said kristen looked beautiful and she like scoffed at him. "
Read in full at source :)

- Lorabell


According to Celebrity-Gossip Rob and Kristen enjoyed their friend, Marcus Foster's, concert last night in London -Exact location left out for a reason.

According to CG -
Despite the unwanted press, the overly-private pair engaged in some serious PDA according to an eyewitness. "Rob had his fingers tucked into Kristen’s jean pocket, and she was holding his hand there,” our source recalls. “She also had her other arm wrapped around him. They were swaying to the music and kept whispering things in each other’s ears," dished the source.
Joined by fellow concertgoer Tom Sturridge, Kristen found herself screaming out "Marcus Foster!" as the Rob couldn't hide his found feelings for her, grinning "so big" as they laughed the night away.

*Warning - PAP PICS!*

Click Here To See Below The Cut

New Upclose Pictures Of Kristen, Rob and Taylor's Hollywood Handprint Square

A couple people that I know just happened to be in LA and stopped by The Twilight Saga's square.

Let's analyze this for a second - Just like in ALL their pictures, Rob and Kristen are super close and Taylor is out to the side. Kristen's hands and feet are tiny! Taylor has neat handwriting. Rob's feet are angled towards Kristen and Kristen's right foot is touching Rob.

Anything else you noticed? Leave it in the comments! --Ash

Happy Thanksgiving TwiCrackers!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TwiCrack Addicts!

-- TCA, Lorabell and Ash