December 15, 2011

What I received in my Kristmas mail... Thanks @Red_Bella!

Update: Make sure to also check out Red_Bella's Ebay store for your choice of Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson body pillow cases to snuggle up to this winter - hummana!

Double bonus - the profits are raising money for the Forks Elks Christmas fund - pay it forward, peeps :)

Oh Robward, I do - now let's get it on!


So remember the legendary Rob Pattinson underwear, aka the "underpattz"?

Well, their creator @Red_Bella emailed not so long ago to ask for my fave Kristen pics - how mysterious.  I hummed and harred, emailed her back and then forgot all about it...

Then last week I got a little package in the mail - oh, whatever could it be?

Only Kristen Stewart pillow cases - specially made ones with my fave Kristen pics - merry Kristmas to me :D

I am sooo stoked - if it wouldn't put me in the same league as the lady who wore these I'd purchase an entire bedroom set!

Make sure to check out Red_Bella's Etsy store for fun and fiesty made-to-order Twi merch - perfect for Kristmas, Robiday or even Taylentines :)

- Lorabell

P.s. Yes that is Bella's purple comforter... you know me, right?

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