December 2, 2011

New/old sneaky peek pics from behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn!

Looks like back stage at the Cullens'?

At first I wondered whether this was an old shot from Eclipse - since they rebuilt the entire house in Squamish for Breaking Dawn - but I don't think we saw this view until later... looks like the birth scene, perhaps?

I thiiink this is the living room Bella's sat in when Edward first "hears" Renesemee.

Wanted: Volturi receptionist - good grammar required

It looks like Bill may have changed the production design of Volterra for Breaking Dawn, unless this is an anti-room. The green marble (I was never particularly fond of) is gone and, oh hi there ominous drain for disturbing purposes!

I do not know what crew member was able to take these without getting F-I-R-E-D but now the movie's out I guess it doesn't matter... I just LOVE looking at all the production deets :D

- Lorabell

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