December 17, 2011

New TwiCrack: Happy Bloggiversary To Us! Three years today :D let's Celebrate with a giveaway! #UnintentionalRhyming

Three years ago, TCA made this amazing site so all of us TwiCrack Addicts could get our fix.

Lorabell and I have been added since then, and we are all HAPPY to be bringing y'all your TwiCrack.

We have had 14,188,891 TwiCrackers visit our blog since December 17, 2008 and to celebrate we are going to do an amazing giveaway!

Check back soon for contest details...



  1. Happy Three Year anniversary TCA!! :) What an awesome way to celebrate with a giveaway as well as a kick off to the new year! All the merchandise in ur giveaway looks AMAZING! my fingers are crossed to win! Thanks again for giving me my Twilight fix!!

    Xoxo B :)

  2. Happy Blogiversary TCA!! Awesome giveaway - my happiness would be complete if I was lucky enough to win!!


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