December 29, 2011

Beardy Rob spotted back in LA... spending another New Years Eve with Kristen?

After being seen (slightly teary looking) leaving his parents' house in London, a very beardy Rob is back in LA for the rest of the holidays... with Kristen perhaps?

So it looks like Robsten won't be Brit-packing it up in the Isle of Wight for the third year running - sad times, but I'd be surprised if they could find a place to stay now the whole place is likely teaming with fans and paps!

I've heard rumours they'll be throwing a New Years Eve party in Los Angeles instead - I wonder if Rob will bust out his new $12,000 vintage guitars that Kristen got him for Christmas (rumour is he spent over $800 on gifts for her - I'm betting they were mostly cooking books and his old clothes).

- Lorabell

*Warning - Pap Pics*
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