November 2, 2011

Who Wants To See A Breaking Dawn Dance Off

This girl does!  MTV spoke with Ashley and Kellan regarding unseen Breaking Dawn moments and I am lovin' that they had to say!  Watch the video or read the transcript below!--Ashes

"We kind of pulled a prank on the director," Ashley explained. "The whole entire extended cast—like, every vampire coven—decided to plan out this dance, and do it instead of doing the scene. Bill [Condon, the director] started hysterically laughing."
So, of course, when I hopped on the phone with Bill last week to chat all things "Breaking Dawn" (including shooting that infamous sex scene and the film's soundtrack), I just had to ask about getting punk'd by a bunch of bloodsuckers. And as it turns out, the moment was even more epic than we imagined.

"It was the most amazing thing ever," he enthused. "If you know the book, it ends with this incredible showdown between like 27 vampires on our side and then there are 80 vampires on the Aro/Volturi side. And we've been on this set for weeks and weeks and weeks, and as we're doing the last huge shot with everyone there, huge camera set up and things, suddenly you hear "Sweet Dreams" from the Eurythmics and the Cullen side starts to do this 'West Side Story'-like rumble."
OME, right?!
But as amazing as the moment itself was, what seemed to impress Bill most was how the whole thing was kept completely under wraps. "First of all, the idea that they could keep this a surprise still blows me away," he said. "But it's one of the greatest moments I've ever had on a set."

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