November 20, 2011

A TwiCrack Addicts Obsessive Break Down Guide to Breaking Dawn Part 1


Things that bug the ever living mothery fudge out of me
What the Forks are those grey sweat pants Bella insists on wearing throughout? Alice would burn that fashion abomination - pregnant or not.

Costume where were you? Bella's totally wearing Kristen's hand brace and rings when breaking in her wedding shoes.

Where's Bella's wedding band when they arrive at Isle Esme? And who takes their engagement ring off on their first night married anyway? Isn't that bad luck?
Also on that note, I'm sure there's a stone missing when she puts it on the bathroom counter - did Edward Senior try and cheap out with diamonte for Elizabeth?

Suddenly Bella tans? She'll all cocobutterbuff on Isle Esme but I don't recall strap marks back in Arizona.

Edward's writing *grumble* they couldn't use the font we've all come to know and love?

Edward's feet: they were ALL I could see sticking out the end of the bed, when she climbs on top of him in that light blue number... But you know they say about big feet.

Edward shakes the pilot's hand... Cold Vampires 101, peeps.

Sam, I wanted to punch you in the face when you gave that look to Leah on the beach - IN THE FACE!

When did Jasper start wearing gansta chains? Alice would not approve. No Jacksper. No.

Forever and always - Esme's hair is meant to be CARAMEL WAAAVES!

Things I fricking flove hardcore

First off, the wedding: the dress, the decor, the music! I can NOT stop playing "Turning Pages" and when "Flightless Bird" kicked in, I nearly lost it. So. Good. Especially when she tugged as his lapel *swoon*
I'm also appreciating the engagement ring being ever so slightly different - it's still largely fugalicious but rounding it out was a distinct improvement.

Carter Burwell: I was so stoked when I heard he was signed back on for Breaking Dawn and was not disappointed. The way he brought back notes from Twilight and Bella's Lullaby so perfectly wove the saga together. Plus, the music during her transformation just mesmerizes me.

Anna Kendrick: girl, you hilarious. "Or 'the hair' as I call him... I'm just kidding."

That beautiful shot of Rio. Sucks you guys didn't get a premiere in the end :(

The morning after: the moment when Bella wakes up with feathers in her hair - p-e-r-f-e-c-t! And I loved how they added a little more from the night before with her thinking back - the expression on her face when he's lying with her is just too much.

Seducing Edward: lol, when she walked out in that black lingerie, I just about died. However, did anyone else clock Robward scoping Bellsten's ass when she flops to sleep in that light blue number? The man can not look away!

Native tongue: Mmm... tongue ;) hearing Robward speak a language of luuurve is no bad thing.

The nudger: OK, so I could have done without seeing her puke *shudder* but when she has a moment realizing she's going to be a mother - her hands are shaking over her stomach - I can't even.

Pregnant Bella: whether it's her distorted bump, how ill she looks or how fricking fierce she is protecting her baby - I loved it all.
Especially when Bella's insisting to Jake that everyone's wrong - she's so sure and serene almost... Not to mention the scary CGI when she's about the bathe - so hard to watch in the most disturbing way.

Angry Edward: Edward, I'd be pissed too if the woman I'd just gotten married to forever was down grading that promise in favour of a potential demon baby - ouch. However, the angry result is just plain schmexy - rawr!

Jacob: Generally throughout Breaking Dawn I thought Taylor did a stellar job - I loved his little facial expressions and vocal inclinations - boy stepped up his game. Plus, when he imprints and falls to his knees, my heart just about broke.

Death and transformation: PERFECT!!! Unf, I just can't get over Edward pounding on her heart so desperately, yelling at her, begging her... I'm not a cryer and tears were just about streaming down my face. Then she's locked in agony and the venom burns her body, seeing inside as it takes over and fixes her before healing her outside and making her radiant. Finally her life flashing before her, finishing with his beautiful eyes and then BAM!
I'm sure I'll be adding to this!

- Lorabell *deep breath*

P.s. Potential plot holes...

It occurred to me... how exactly does Irina know that the wolves killed Laurent? Only Bella was there, non of the Denali's have special powers. For that matter, why wasn't Alice concerned when Laurent turned up back in New Moon? If she can't see a wolf save Bella from cliff diving, how can she not see her becoming a picnic in the dead meadow?

Again, Alice calls the second Bella suspect's that she's pregnant but wouldn't she have foreseen back when they happy couple decided to get it on?

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