November 24, 2011

Robsten Alert: Rob & Kristen Enjoy Another Date Night in London

Update: I found a - pretty legit seeming - fan encounter from the venue earlier the same evening (damn I wish I was in London right now!) here's an excerpt:
"we were literally 10cm from them both and they were sooo fuckinggg cute!! rob had his fingers tucked into kristen's jeans pocket and then she was holding his hand there with her fingers. and then she also had her other arm wrapped round him. they were both kind of dancing/swaying to the music and kept on whispering things in each others ears. tom was standing next to rob and he had his beard and amish hat and was totally the third wheel lol. marcus was incredible and rob and kristen kept screaming his name and clapping along. kristen also was going crazy dancing at some points getting really into it and rob would just smile at her and tap to the beat on her hip. then sam arrived and he gave each of them a kiss on the cheek and said kristen looked beautiful and she like scoffed at him. "
Read in full at source :)

- Lorabell


According to Celebrity-Gossip Rob and Kristen enjoyed their friend, Marcus Foster's, concert last night in London -Exact location left out for a reason.

According to CG -
Despite the unwanted press, the overly-private pair engaged in some serious PDA according to an eyewitness. "Rob had his fingers tucked into Kristen’s jean pocket, and she was holding his hand there,” our source recalls. “She also had her other arm wrapped around him. They were swaying to the music and kept whispering things in each other’s ears," dished the source.
Joined by fellow concertgoer Tom Sturridge, Kristen found herself screaming out "Marcus Foster!" as the Rob couldn't hide his found feelings for her, grinning "so big" as they laughed the night away.

*Warning - PAP PICS!*

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