November 21, 2011

One of a kind Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella wedding dolls auction!

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So, it turns out there's this artist Noel Cruz who takes Tonner Dolls and repaints them to look less lame and more amazeballs - who knew?

It's a little creepy but the results are legitimately impressive!

His latest creations from Breaking Dawn are now up for auction - you can bid here for Bella and here for Edward - the Bella doll is described as:

full facial repaint, completely precision hand repainted featuring three dimensional repaint/shading/highlighting on eyes, eyebrows, and lips to faithfully transform the doll into the likeness of the actress Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan particularly from the wedding scene of "Breaking Dawn". Careful attention has been given to replicate the nuances of her features.

meticulously authentic hairstyling

paint-enhanced breasts (LB note - seriously)

repainted areas are sealed using artist-grade acrylics and sealers

Amongst his other artwork, he's also previously completed Rob and Kristen dolls, which look equally creepy/impressive.

Also available on his site are Alice, Jasper, Victoria, James and Laurent dolls

- Lorabell O_o

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