November 23, 2011

New Breaking Dawn wedding still - what a difference a Saga makes :)

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So I came across this on the Twinterwebs this morning and paused for a moment to scope the dresses. Then I realized... man can you imagine being shown this back when those first "America's Next Top Cullen" promo shots were done for Cullen casting?

You wanna be on top?

2007 me would have lost my tiny little mind *cough*and not just because Esme doesn't have caramel waves*cough*

It's like when they *SPOILER ALERT* showed the montage of Bella's life in the final stages of her transformation in Breaking Dawn... I was all emotional, not just for the moment in the story, but of how far we've come *tear*

It's been a Hale of a ride, Twicrackers ;)

- Lorabell

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