November 18, 2011

Inside the SUPER SPOILER minds of TwiCrack Addicts...


So after seeing Breaking Dawn I was Gchatting away to Ashes who's not been able to go yet (due to the demands of two little nudgers of her own).

What started as general squeeing about the movie ended up being a full on play-by-play gigglesnort-a-thon break down, which I just had to share...

So here's what goes on behind the closed posts of TwiCrack Addict bloggers (we get this name for a reason).


Lorabell: Moooorning

Ashes: Hey!

Lorabell: I can't sleep... even though I didn't get to bed until 4am Description: :(

Ashes: I was just googling to see if anyone had leaked deets yet lol


Lorabell: HA

Ashes: Going tonight at 9:15.. Having drinks from 6:30-8:30

Lorabell: have you not seen?!?!?

Ashes: I have got to stop myself from drinking too much because I'll be the girl I hate if I do!

Lorabell: ha

Ashes: NO!! I couldn't go last night because it was a school night for my little girl and I couldn't get a sitter

Lorabell: OMFGGG

i've seen it 3 times Description: ;)

Lorabell: not even kidding

Ashes: shutup

Lorabell: LOL


Ashes: Is it great? Is it a big blue ball

Lorabell: we knew there was a screening weds so went along and talked our way in

and then there's always an early NY screener

and then midnight Description: :)



Ashes: We're going to the 21 and up movie tonight

Lorabell: good call!

Ashes: shutup! gahhh

Lorabell: LOOOVE it

there's at least once scene that was full on cringe fest

Ashes: Did you watch after the previews?

Lorabell: yup

Ashes: I'm a spoiler whore, girl. Lay it alll out

Lorabell: HA

ok good Description: :D


it opens on Jake getting the invite and he's all pissed

then cuts to the Cullen house all prep for the wedding

and (continuity) Bella's wearing Kristen's rings and wrist guard

then we go to Bella's room

the night before the wedding she's packing up her stuff

edward tells her he wasn't always "good" and we flash back to when he was a red-eyed vamp

Ashes: i have got to see it

Lorabell: Edward leaves on his bachelor party with Emmett and Jasper

then we're at the wedding

Lorabell: Bella's walking down the aisle and everyone's watching

but then she sees the volturi at the alter and looks down to see rose petals turning to blood

Ashes: wow

Lorabell: she looks back and edward's covered in blood and then all their loved ones are dead at their feet

did you want a play by play because i can keep going

Ashes: holy crap

Ashes: lol I don't want you to type too much if you don't want to lol

Lorabell: psh, please

so then Bella wakes from the nightmare and Alice is doing her make-up

Renee and Charlie come in and give her the comb

then we're waiting with her and Charlie to walk down the aisle

she's really nervous

but then rounds the corner and sees...

Edward Description: :)

and oh Gawd the music!

it's so good

then they're there, saying their vows and it's just perfect

Ashes: I put my baby to sleep to “love death birth” last night

Lorabell: and then they kiss and the congregation disappears - it's just them

Ashes: On another note really quickly.. Did you see Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed in NYC

dang.. that's it?

Lorabell: I missed the screening at Sundance because we went to the early one and got tickets

but i went to Letterman and saw Nikki - she was SO nice

we were getting squished by autograph hounds and she was like "guys, stop - you need to back off because these girls are little and you're big"

Ashes: Ashley has a six pack.. i posted pictures and I have never hated her more in my life lol

Lorabell: bleh, she's so meh

Ashes: haha!

Lorabell: anyhoo

the vows are perfect

it switches into Flightless Bird and is just too good

and it's just them, kissing, married

Ashes: I read that the wedding is short

Lorabell: it is

but perfect!

and then the reception is hilarious with everyone's speeches

and then Jake turns up

and she's all happy

but then he makes a comment about the honeymoon

and she's all "its non of your business"

and he loses his temper

Ashes: very book like Description: ;)

Lorabell: indeed - love that

then they're driving off on honeymoon...

segway to Rio

dancing in the street

boat to Isle Esme

OOOoooOOOoooh, romantical villa!

Comic Con clip time

short but sweet first night

i was all "that's it???"

but then they cut back when she's remembering the night before

it's lovely - we're close up on her expression as she's thinking back

then Edward's all upset about bruises eye roll

cue chess/swimming/hiking

schmexy undies trying to seduce him

Ashes: really.. I can hear hub’s comment about him being a loser now lol

Lorabell: ha

Lorabell: SO

house keepers suspect evil

bella makes chicken and gets sick

dun dun duuuun

alice calls

edward's in shock/hates himself

Bella realises she's going to be a mother

beautiful moment

i was teary

she's all shaky and knows it's not evil

they're on their way home

bella calls rose

cut to jake on the beach

Ashes: love it

Lorabell: speculating about how Charlie will think Bella's dead

general bitching about imprinting

he goes to Billy, Charlie's there and says Bella's not well

Jake storms into the Cullens' all "wtf"

and hears Bella upstairs

he goes up

Rose is guarding

Edward looks guilty as sin

everyone else is all "ooooh shiz"

then Rose steps aside

Bella's curled up on the sofa looking like hell on toast

Jake's relieved

then she stands up

holy bruised bump, Batman

arguments ensue

Jake storms offs

Ashes: wow

Lorabell: shocker

Ashes: I'm interested to see her stomach

Lorabell: ugh, it's disturbing

and brilliant

so then jake phases and all the wolves tune in

somewhat ridiculous conversation in wolf form

rather too Transformers in the 80's

Ashes: is it corny? the whole

Lorabell: the whole or the wolves?

Ashes: okay you just answered my question lol

Lorabell: the wolves, heck yes


but Jake breaks away from the pack

Seth follows him - cuteness

Leah turns up - typical Description: ;)

they go back to the Cullens

Edward tries to get Jake to talk her out of it

i just realized they skipped the whole "she can have children even if it's with you" thing from the book - huh

Jake talks to Bella all "you crazy?"

but i love how sure she is - just "it will be fine" she's almost serene

but then she cracks a rib - eeek

Carlisle xrays her later and Edward's all upset "it's crushing you from the inside out"

he gets shouty


Ashes: where does the whole "you've given me no choice!"

Lorabell: yup

Ashes: finishing my thoughts lol

Lorabell: "you're choosing to leave me - I can't live without you" etc

she's all "but you'll have a part of me"

basically resigned to die for the baby

he's all "you think i could love it?"

Ashes: totally momish of her

Lorabell: storms out

Ashes: sounds like an awesome scene

Lorabell: word - burn, Edward - all that "forever" talk got downgraded fast

then we cut to Rose helping Bella going to bathe


she's taking her robe off

and SOOOO thin


Ashes: ??

Lorabell: CGI genius

bruised and weak and skeletal

Edward sees

she covers up

so sad

Ashes: aww

I'm all thinking "what does he do"

Lorabell: then she's on the sofa, with an IV, fading

Ashes: I'm like a crack addict lol

Lorabell: Jake's keeping her warm

(dude, who you talking to?)

and Edward reads his thoughts

"it wasn't an idea - it was a snide comment"

lol, about the baby being thirsty

they bring her blood

Alice takes Jasper for a walk Description: ;)

Ashes: ha

Lorabell: Edward puts it in a handy dandy sippy cup... that all vamps having lying around their foodless homes

it tastes good Description: :)

the Cullens need to hunt before she delivers

Jake tricks the wolves and gets Carlisle, Esme and Emmett past

Bella's doing better

calls her dad she's going to a medical center in Switzerland

gets teary

she tells Jake her baby names

his face is priceless

Ashes: when does he here the baby?

Lorabell: OH



Ashes: lol

Lorabell: when she's on the phone to Charlie

Edward brings her blood

she hangs up all upset

and then he's all "what?"

she's all "hm?"

he's all "say something else"

"like what?"

"he likes your voice"

"you can hear him?"

"he likes my voice too"

"what else can you hear?!"

"it's so strange... he's not like me - he's like you - he's good. he's happy"

"of course you're happy! i love you so much"

"he loves you, Bella"

general handling and nuzzling of the bump

gah, kills me

Ashes: aww very bookish again

Lorabell: so perfect

ok, so fast forward to baby name cringe

general awkward laughing about "renesemee" as an option

Bella' drops the cup

goes to bend for it


omg, awful contortions

her body practically folds back on itself

Edward catches her head

we're in the delivery room

"Carlisle said the placenta must have detached"


Rose "we have to get him out – he’s dying"

Edward "let the morphine spread!"

Bella "GET HIM OUT!!!"



Alice tackles Rose to the floor

takes her outside

Edward bites


Jake "keep your heart beating!"

pulsing, flashes

more crunching


snuggly little baby!

Bella's so happy, seeing Edward hold her

even Jake smiles


Bella fades - the life is gone out of her

Edward "Jake, take the baby"

Jake "keep that thing away from me"

Rose "I'll take her - I promise I'm ok"

Jake "save her - change her!"

venom syringe



she's lifeless

Edward "nononono, it should be working"

(Ash - you still there?)

Ashes: yes!

Lorabell: LOL

Ashes: just reading!

foaming at the mouth


Lorabell: yup

Jake's giving her CPR

she's not responding

Edward starts pounding on her heart

it's heartbreaking

he's desperate

"Bella, come on! COME ON!"

pound pound pound

Jake "i won't kill you... you deserve to live with this"

walks out

Bella's lying on the table

Ashes: wow

Lorabell: dead, her body broken, blood everywhere

Edward's frantic

"baby please"

starts biting her

her neck

her arms

her legs

jakes outside


the wolves see

it gets back to Sam - Bella's dead

they're on the war path - coming to kill the baby

Edward hears them

"you're ok - you're going to be ok..."

stands outside with Alice and Jasper

"I won't let them hurt my family"

wolf/cullen throw down

alice is trapped

they're outnumbered

BAM - Carlisle and Esme


emmett's up a tree

Jacob has gone to kill the baby

Rose has her, cooing

Ashes: imprinting time

Lorabell: Renesmee looks over


Ashes: not totally gross right

Lorabell: we see inside Jake's mind

a lil cheesey, but not awful

from his eye we see Mackenzie

and then teen Renesemee


Jake's voice "it's like gravity... you would do anything - be anything for her - a protector, brother"

he falls to his knees

he's done.

fighting outside, jake runs out

"Sam, it's over!"


wolves start to back off

Edward "Jacob imprinted. No wolf can harm whoever's been imprinted on. It's their most absolute law"

Sam backs away

the pack runs off

Jake and Edward have a moment - awwwkward

Ashes: yeah..

Lorabell: cut to

Alice cleaning up Bella

sponging the blood away

putting her in clothes

Edward's voice "is she going to be ok?"

Carlisle "listen to her heart, Edward - it's strong"

boom, boom, boom

we pan over Bella

oh, rewind - sorry

when he syringes her

we go inside her system - see the venom changing her

see her burning inside - she's locked in agony

Ashes: oh nice

Lorabell: when we see her recovering

her body's repairing

we go inside and her bones mend

her fibers knit back together

her hair is smoothing out

becoming fuller

her skin's healing

her frame, filling out

she looks healthy


her face - beautiful

her life flashes before her

traveling backwards

from the baby, the wedding, the proposal, edward saving her countless times, their first meeting, their kisses

Ashes: aww

Lorabell: then it's a young Charlie and Renee with baby Bella

grown Bella watches over, smiling

her face

Edward's eyes...

her heart...


the Cullen's all stop

all waiting

we close in on Edward

then pan over Bella's beautiful face

Ashes: that is not where they stop the movie is it?

Lorabell: rise above her and move in on her closed eyes


BAM - red eyes!


Ashes: those bastards!

Lorabell: ha

Ashes: ughhh I haven't even seen the movie and I'm all like ready for part 2

Lorabell: right?


Ashes: they just need to release that shit in June like Eclipse

Lorabell: psh, neeeever gunna happen :/

- Lorabell

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