November 22, 2011

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Dating Edward Cullen?

Unfortunately no one can, but let's pretend for a minute.  Our friend over at Nick Mom did a post, " Top 9 Clues Your Daughter Is Dating Edward Cullen." That totally got us thinking about PG13 ways to tell if your bestie/daughter/anyone could be or is dating a Cullen. Comment below with your thoughts! --Ash

 Below are the tips from Nick Mom-

That distant, detached look; the way she keeps complaining about the Volturi… hate to break it to you, but your daughter might be dating the Undead.
9. The day your daughter’s car got a flat tire, she said she would just catch a flying piggy back ride to school.
8. When you ask what they’re doing for their date, she says, “The usual. Just chillin’ on a limb of that giant evergreen on the top of that mountain that’s like 100 miles away. BYE.”
7. When you mention how awful world hunger is he says he feels bad for “you guys.”
6. You can see your reflection in his skin.
5. He CLAIMS he’s a vegetarian, but on that night you made Blood Pudding, he mysteriously materialized in your kitchen, scooped himself a big ol’ plate and then politely asked for seconds.
4. He’s the only person who can stand your daughter when she’s PMS-ing.
3. She’s not sleeping with him. NOT THAT YOU ENCOURAGE TEENAGE SEX.
2. Your daughter buys him a lifetime supply of “Happy 17th Birthday” balloons.
1. You keep getting messages on your answering machine that are nothing but quiet sobs. When you check to see who left them, Caller ID shows, “A WEREWOLF.”

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