November 23, 2011

@AshleyMGreene covers @EsquireMag Mexico scans and interview (in case you needed a reminder how hot she is... unlikely)

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Seriously, Ashley give a gal a chance...

“Twilight’s”Ashley Greene is one red hot chili pepper in the Mexican edition of Esquire magazine. She flashes a sexual side that would make a cold-blooded vampire boil.

Greene, who plays Alice Cullen, has been a fixture in the Twilight series through four films in a supporting role to Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

But she’s been one of the unquestioned beauties in the movies and has added a sexy energy to the otherwise staid Cullen clan. She tells the magazine she’s always been a bit of a rough-neck.

“My parents would be, like, ‘don’t go on the trampoline, or you’ll break something,’ and I would go for it anyway and break a bone,” she says. “I still have four scars from when I broke my femur.”

“I always wanted to be like my brother because he was a year and a half older than me. That’s when I got into martial arts,” she said, according to a translation by fan site Twilight Poison.

Greene left home at 17 and headed for Hollywood to be an actress. She worked the night shift in a bowling alley and a hotel, she says, while she auditioned on the side and fought off the Hollywood mashers in between.

One of her first roles was a stabbing victim in the hit television show “Crossing Jordan,” she recounts. “I’m dating a guy who stabs me,” she adds.

Needless to say, her parents weren’t too happy with the part. “I didn’t think about it, but it must have been hard for them to watch as a parent.”

Twilight, of course, hugely changed her life, but the way she see’s it, she’s just back on that trampoline.

“Twilight gave me a trampoline on which I feel like I can jump and nothing will stop me,” she says.

Greene’s latest film “Butter” with Olivia Wilde opened in September. She’ll next be appearing in “LOL” with Miley Cyrus.

She’s also slated to appear in “The Boom Boom Room,” a sexually charged yarn about Wall Street.

Ashley is also taking a turn on the small-screen with a three episode arc in the new series “Pan Am,” with Christina Ricci.

She will debut in the Dec. 4th episode titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Hopefully Greene can give the series a lift.

- Lorabell

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