October 7, 2011

Kristen Stewart's GQ Vintage Vamp Cover Edition Scans

More updates: New picture care of the iPad version of Kristen's edition of GQ is now available for download HEREAlso, the behind-the-scenes video (which kinda looks like it should be a purfume ad or something) is now online for your Stewsession...

See gorgeous screen-caps and full issue scans at FierceBitchStew :)

Futher update: Kristen's interview transcript with GQ:
Snow White and the Huntsman is filming in and around Gloucestershire, although Kristen is spending a good deal of time in a rental in Notting Hill, London. The day before, while at the GQ shoot, she had explained that she was looking forward to seeing more of the UK, as “my boyfriend is English”, although when I bring this up again the blood drains into her boots. “I never would have said that if I knew you were going to be interviewing me.”

I honestly hadn’t expected such a defensive reaction, but it’s clear when she feels her privacy is being breached, Kristen is quick to transform into “Tiger Mom”. The whole issue, if you don’t already know, has to do with whether or not she’s dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, the subject of which has seen more speculation than the origin of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I tell her I’m surprised this is such an issue seeing as the evidence is already out there for all to see on the web - the photos, the stolen moments, the Christmas getaways... “Yeah, I know it is,” she admits. “So much of my life is so easily googled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious!” Her mood tights, perhaps all too aware of how much she’s already said. “But this subject, I don’t think you realise what a big deal it is for people. Well, it is a big deal. They would be ‘Oh. My. God’ There would also be still a 50/50 split. Some people would still be, ‘See, told you they’re not together.”

To read in full click HERE :)

Update: More lovely pics of Kristen in GQ :)

Sorry, but any other of these photo's would have been a more flattering cover :/

Example A: All kinds of yes.

Example B: Gorgeously pale (but why the blue eyes?)

"I've got gadgets and gizmos a-pleanty..."

....Not overly keen on this bikini print :/ sorry Michael Kors
GQ.com Ciao, Bella. After four years as the heroine of abstinence-drenched vampire series Twilight, Kristen Stewart is ready to sink her teeth into something a little more grown-up.
The actress goes for chilled beers and nachos with GQ to talk candidly about the phenomenon, fame and the future, starting with another book adaptation: next year's On The Road. Read the full interview and see the stunning photo shoot by Norman Jean Roy in the November issue of British GQ, out on Thursday.
Via @CourtJustice
Click for bigger
Not 100% on this cover :/ how do you manage to make Kristen's incredible legs look... not quite incredible?

Like a 50's Hollywood vampire - killer combo ;)

Thanks Coral :) via GQ

- Lorabell

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