October 14, 2011

Be Part Of The Twilight Time Capsule

The Twilight Saga has an official time capsule! You can watch Nikki Reed's video above as an example of how to make your own. Visit http://www.twilighttimecapsule.com/ to see other videos and to post your own! I think that this is a super cute idea as long as people don't embarrass themselves ;) --Ashes

To browse Moments:

  • Drag the red slider beneath the timeline to view Moments from any era of the Twilight Saga.
  • Use the drop-down menu filters to select only the Moments you want to see.
  • Drag the red slider below the thumbnails to scroll among your chosen Moments.
  • Click any Moment to explore it in detail -read descriptions, play video, view images full-size, and add comments.
  • You must be logged into a social network to comment.

To share Moments:

  • A Moment can be virtually anything Twilight-related, including video, images and text.
  • You can upload new Moments from your computer or webcam.
  • Because Moments are eternal, you can share Twilight memories stored in your Twitter feed, Facebook photo gallery, YouTube account or other social networks.
  • You must be logged in to a network to share Moments.

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