September 7, 2011

Shoe Revolt Goes Twi-Cast Crazy

Shoe Revolt is at it again, and they seem to love the Twi-Cast, too!  Shoe Revolt is going to be auctioning off several pairs of shoes for our beloved Twilight castmembers!  As of now, there is no date set for these auctions... However, SR's Ebay account does have Kellan Lutz and Justin Chon under their "Upcoming Auctions" section.   You can find their Ebay account here. --Ashes

Below is the info from Shoe Revolt's Facebook-
Besides starring in the hit saga Twilight as Renee, Sarah has held lead roles in Trust Me, 24, The Booth at the End, and more! Thank you Sarah for your donation! Keep an eye out for her upcoming auction!

Not only does Kellan Lutz star in the hit Twilight saga, he has also starred in in Love, Wedding, Marriage, Nightmare on Elm Street, 90210, Accepted, Summerland (to name a few) and has many more movies coming out! Thanks Kellan for your donation to Shoe Revolt...keep a lookout for your opportunity to snag those shoes!

Justin Chon stars in the Twilight films alongside our last celebrity shoe donor, Kristen Stewart, but that's not it! He has starred in many tv series such as Just Jordan, Ktown Cowboys, The O.C., and more! Keep an eye out for his auction! Thanks Justin!

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