September 21, 2011

Rumour Alert: @BrunoMars Ballad on Breaking Dawn Soundtrack - Is This Super Cute Video His Featured Song?

Yesterday I saw some rumours flying around the Twi-verse about Bruno Mars being featured on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack via @933FLZ

However, due to the Rob Pattinson solo album rumours that turned out to be false (shocker/shame) I wasn't in a rush to post...

But then on my way home Bruno Mars new release "Count On Me" came on the radio and the lyrics seem so perfect for Bella and Jacob - even though my choice would be sooo much better - obvs!

I love Bruno Mars but am not sure about him being on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack... I hope it's not turned into just a popularity contest :/

I can't decide - do you think he deserves to be included...?

Thanks @YaGirlMelberne

- Lorabell

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