September 4, 2011

Robert Pattinson Is In London With His Lady Love!

Rob wasted no time to meet up with Kristen as soon as he arrived in London!

According to a lucky fan the couple attended a christening together in London, along with Tom Sturridge and Marcus Foster.

Kristen was holding hands and laughing with Rob at the gathering. According to one fan who met the couple, Kristen was super sweet when the little girl started crying. The fourteen year old fan tweeted-
“Long story short, I got to meet them, and I got a hug from Rob and I was told to cheer up and Kristen said she would never hate me because my brother said if I didn’t shut up they would hate me,”
Check out the somewhat personal picture after the jump! --Ashes

The girl in the black jacket next to the red motorcycle is Kristen. The fan says she will upload more pictures soon!

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