September 2, 2011

Kristen Stewart Spotted in London - Getting a Fright at Scary Game Launch Event

Loving how dark her hair is for Snow White :)

At the launch of Playstation 3 computer game 'Resistance 3' last night (31.08.11)...

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart - who is filming 'Snow White' [and the Huntsman] in London - braved her way through it and came out the other side looking suitably frightened, while Theo Hutchcraft from pop group Hurts came through looking relatively calm and collected...

'...And Darkness Descended' - an immersive theatre experience which involved her and her 'team' being dropped into a dark warehouse and tasked to get out a maze of rooms dressed to look like a post apocalyptic future.
...anyone ever heard of The Hurts?

- Lorabell

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