September 24, 2011

F-loving New Breaking Dawn Merch - Rosalie's Necklace and Bella's Gift From Aro?!?!

I'm sure I'm not the only TwiCracker to realize that Rosalie's necklace isn't as pimpin' as it once was back in the original Twilight days...

However, I'm rather liking it! It's slightly less "I'm Rosalie, bitch!" with a touch more 1920'a style.

However, I'm thinking this must be the wedding present that Aro sends to Bella - the "large diamond" - which if I remember correctly from the book was originally one a thick rope of gold chain...?

Thank Gawd for some nice merch - I would rock either of those!

See more at TwilightFrance

- Lorabell

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