September 26, 2011

Buy Bruno Mars' Song For Breaking Dawn Tomorrow

As of tomorrow "It Will Rain" will be released globally (on Sept. 27th) for sale exclusively via iTunes (save for in the U.K., which will get the song in early November).

Bruno Mars spoke with Billboard about his song "It Will Rain" and Breaking Dawn. Have gave some pretty awesome details! Here is what he had to say-

"Do I wear a Team Jacob shirt or a Team Edward shirt?," jokes the singer/songwriter. "You know what? I'm Team Bella all day."

Mars says that "the 'Twilight' movies for me (are) a love story. But it's a dark love story. And I think the best way to describe the song is: it's the darker side of love. I think that pretty much sums it up."

"It Will Rain" "started off with me and the guitar," Mars says, "and I just had this melody in my head and basically laid it down after I saw the film."

Lucky Mars got to see "most of the movie" so he "could catch the vibe and feel where they were going with it." But, he doesn't know (or won't divulge) where the song will be heard in the film itself. "I have no idea! As long as it's not after the credits. I hope it's in a good (scene)!"

Mars says that "It Will Rain" is intended just for the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" soundtrack and not for his own on-the-horizon second album. "I personally think if I did this for the 'Twilight' soundtrack, then this is for the 'Twilight' soundtrack," he says. "This is not for my album."

I will totally be downloading this first thing in the AM!-Ashes

Update: You can now listen to "It Will Rain" :) I flove the internet!

- Lorabell

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